Sep 10, 2011

{Review} of Voodoo Dues by Stephany Simmons

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Urban Fantasy
THEME: Voodoo, Witches, and Zombies
RECEIVED: Received for Review from Author
AUTHOR BLOG: Stephany Simmons Blog

PUCHASE Voodoo Dues:

From the beginning of Figg’s employment, there is something not quite right about the bar. There are few customers, a parade of neighborhood psychics and pentacle adorned visitors, all coming to hold court with her enigmatic boss. Figg is not sure what is going on, but she is determined to find out! 

When the local voodoo queen shows up, and the next morning her grandson ends up dead outside the bar things get interesting. 

Figg pesters Lian into telling her the truth about his former life, and is thrust into a world where the things that go bump in the night are real. There’s a murder to solve, zombies to lay to rest and a villain that neither of them saw coming. 

VooDoo Dues was such a thrill, I loved the characters, setting and the plot was so entertaining and fun I couldn’t get enough. With a spunky shoe loving protagonist along her timid and very knowledgeable boss the duo is a bundle of greatness.

VooDoo Dues follows Figg she works at a bar that gets either no customers or very strange ones dealing with both voodoo and magic. Her boss Lian tends to be the man to come to when dealing with odd things, even the very well known local voodoo queen. Not too long after her visit crazy things start to happen, including a chicken leg being left on Figg’s doorstep and the dead body of the voodoo queens grandson. Figg and Lian are put in the middle of a zombie fest and family feud.

Figg is hilarious and I love how this girl grew up with a father who is a mechanic, loves guns and that the most important things to her are her shoes and her dog. She gets stuck in this crazy situation with Lian after he tells her about voodoo, werewolves, zombies and all things that go bump in the night that exist. They even get involved with the police a little too many times, while zombies are chasing after them.

Lian was a very different male lead, his timid nature and mystery about his past was something that intrigues me about him. I am hoping that in the next book Simmons gets a little more detail on his past. He’s definitely a good guy who would protect and be there for Figg anytime and not to mention he has a major soft spot for her.

Overall this was a great start to Lian and Figg’s series by Stephany Simmons, I can’t wait to see what crazy paranormal adventure they get mixed up in next. But I have a good feeling were going to see more detective work in the future with them. I highly recommend this novel, with a mix of mystery, romance, magic and paranormal beings.

This is an adult book that would be a perfect fit for fans of Kim Harrisons The Hollow Series and Maria Lima’s Blood Line Series.


  1. Awesome review! I'm intrigued by the idea of a "timid" male lead. This genre is way to flooded with cocky alphas.

  2. Woo! I got this for review. I'm just waiting for my Priority Pile to lessen so I can go ahead and read this. It sounds like such a fun read that I'm sure I'll like immediately. Thank you for the review! <3 This is definitely going up on my scale of To-Reads.

  3. Reviewed this about a month ago and loved it. Great review! I agree with all you said.