Sep 8, 2011

{Book Tour} Character Interview + Giveaway with author Angeline Kace


Today is Seeing Night Reviews stop for the Descended by Blood Tour for author Angeline Kace. I'm happy to have Brooke here today, who was awesome enough to answer some questions.
{Brooke is the protagonist in Descended by Blood}

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Descended by BloodSNR: You and your mom have moved to many different towns. What are the highs and lows about moving from new town to new town?
B:There's never really been anything that I've liked about moving around. It's always been hard on me. There's been maybe one or two times when I was glad to leave a place because it was just so boring and I didn't like the people. But mostly, I've lost people that I started to care about. Plus, I hate trying to figure out my way around a new town. Most places have no rhyme or reason with their streets and you just have to know where you're going and have the street names memorized. I hate learning my way around places all the time.

SNR:Have you ever wondered about your father? What kind of man he was?
I've always wondered about my dad. I go back and forth from being mad at him to being sad that I never got to know him. Sad because I really think I would have liked to have had a dad, and there are times when I see kids with their dads and I just feel like I'm missing something. And I guess that's why I get angry. What kind of man walks out on his pregnant woman and his unborn child?

SNR: You and your “soul sister” Kaitlynn seem to do everything together, where is your favorite place to shop or hang out?
We really do almost everything together. We like to go hiking a lot. We live in a really small town, which is about 40 minutes to an hour away from what can actually be considered a city. So, we pretty much just shop at the small town shops in town or over in Lexington. Lexington even has an all night Wal-Mart. Yep, we're coming up in the world! lol

SNR: What kind of music do you like the most besides Florence and the Machine?
I listen to all sorts of music. I like country, R&B, classical, alternative, pretty much everything. I really like Metric, Paramore, Kings of Leon, Adele, and Taylor Swift.

SNR: Have you ever felt you were destined for something or just different all together?
B: I'm not sure that I've ever felt I was destined for something, but I sure have felt that I was different. There's been times when we've moved to a new place and there will be someone that I'd like to make friends with, but for whatever reason, they're wary of me. I've always just blown it off to not being pretty enough or because I'm the new kid in town, but there was this one place we moved to where a girl my age moved in after we did. The girl that was hesitant to being friends with me was fine with being friends with the newer girl. That was rough.  

SNR: What do you think about Vampires?
Vampires are different. I have mixed feelings about them. I'll probably always be cautious with them just because most of my experiences with them haven't been pleasant ones. They have the power to do a lot of good in the world, but at the same time, they have a lot of power that can be used to cause pain and suffering. I worry that the majority of vampires wish to use those powers for selfish reasons.

SNR: What do you fear the most?
B: That's an easy one. What I fear the most is losing those I love.

SNR: What was your initial reaction when you met both Jaren and Mirko?
B: Well, I met Jaren when I first moved to Buena Vista, VA two years ago. When I first met him, I loved his smile. I got butterflies every time I saw him. He was funny, popular, talented. He had it all. But he was never stuck up. When he'd pass me in the hall, he'd always smile back at me; the awkward freshman girl. He was sweet.

My initial reaction of Mirko was quite the opposite. First, I was really nervous to be around him. He was some kind of a vampire, and I didn't understand anything about these vampires, but he was there to protect me. I also thought he was really hot, but I didn't know what to think of him beyond that.

SNR: Do you believe in true love or do you feel you're still learning about it?
I thought I knew what true love was, but now I'm really not sure. I think I know what love is, and I know I've experienced it, but I'm not sure that I've reached the level that I thought was IT. I'm still learning. I have a lot to learn. 

Thank you Brooke for talking the time to chat with me at Seeing Night Reviews.
Thanks again Kristen! I'm truly honored to be hosted by you on the book tour!

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  1. Love this stop on the tour. It was great to hear more about Brooke! Also, I totally think Brooke felt just a little bit more about Mirko than she's letting on in this interview...

  2. Hahaha! Rachel, you crack me up! ♥ Thanks for stopping by! ;)

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  7. I love the idea of interviewing your character for the rest of us! Well-executed!

  8. Thank you all for stopping by this tour stop! The interview was a super fun one! Good luck on the giveaway!

    Kristen~ Thank you for hosting me on the tour! ♥

  9. Thanks you as well Angeline I was happy to have you :)

    Thanks for the comments everyone and I hope you all get a copy of descended by blood its fantastic!