Apr 18, 2011

{Review} Sabine by Moira Rogers

Sabine by Moira Rogers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
THEME: Wolves
AUTHOR: Moira Rogers
PUBLISHER: Samhain Publishing

A curse can erase her from his mind, but never from his heart.
…and the Beast, Book 1

After three years at war, the High Lord of the Forest returns to his lands, a victorious wolf leader intent on claiming his mate. Instead Ciar finds an empty bed and a court with no recollection of the woman he loved. Following her long-cold trail proves far easier than facing what awaits him at the end.

Sabine’s first instinct is to beg her beloved to leave. The High Lord’s mother hired a witch to curse Sabine, desperate to wipe the lowborn wolf from her son’s mind. But the spell worked too well, and Sabine has vanished from the thoughts of everyone who sees her. Including her own family.

The edges of his memory already blurring, Ciar and Sabine must race to find a way to reverse the spell. Yet every searing moment together is not enough to stop the curse’s inexorable progress. His only chance is to bind Sabine to him too tightly to be forgotten, before she disappears once and for all.

This is my second book from author duo Moria Rogers that I have had the pleasure of reading and I really need to catch up. Her new series “… and the Beast” starts with the story of Sabine. A novella book, meaning it’s a shorter story; it still carried the same writing strength as her longer stories.

Sabine is a story built on emotion and the power of true love. After many years battling in a war the High Lord of the Forest, Ciar, comes home to return to his people and his love Sabine. Only nobody remembers her and she is know where to be found. Unknown to him his horrible mother cursed poor Sabine making everyone forget her no matter how many times she’s met him or her.

A very emotional story, I really can’t imagine what it would be like to be forgotten by everyone you’ve ever know and loved. Sabine is a woman who has strength and comes to an understanding of what has come of her life. She lives day-by-day knowing she’ll be alone. She loved Ciar and even if he can’t remember that love will never leave her.

Ciar is a born leader and warrior whom is determined to be rid of the curse and be with the love of his life. But he must refrain from claiming her with the cost that he could forget her. Their love is passionate and beautiful.

Lots of twist and turns with secondary characters that I hope to read more about in duos future books. I don’t want to give away anymore of the story since it is a Novella. This book is pure romance and love, to the point and I enjoyed it through and through.

This is an Adult book, which contains a lot of sexual content and should be read by adults only. Fans of Lora Leigh and Shelly Laurenston will surely love this novella.

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  1. This sounds really good. I like quite emotional books.
    That book cover is amazing too!