Apr 18, 2011

{News} Seeing Night is Mentioned!

Hey Everyone! Good Monday morning! Today Seeing Night was mention on two other blogs and I wanted to share with all of you :)

Over at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews I was interviewed for Blogger Secrets.

Blogger Secrets asks fellow bloggers fun questions about book interest, favorite characters, and more. Just a little something to get to know them. I was really excited to be asked and I hope you all go over and visit Mariyas' blog and read a little about me.

Over at The Blook Blogger Daily which is run by Jennifer at Reading with Tequila. The blogger daily is an online newspaper that updates everyone on the latest news post on various blogs online. It's fantastic! I saw a tweet yesterday that my post about Devon Monks new series was posted on the daily Art and Entertainment section. My post about Dead Iron : Click Here

Take a look and visit: Book Blogger Daily

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  1. thats for the fun info. hey what you ready this fine monday afternoon?