Apr 18, 2011

{News} Vampire Academy Graphic Novel Preivew

Vampire Academy novel turn Graphic Novel

Alright So I read a lot of comic books/ Graphic Novels and I really enjoy Richelle Meads writing in her adult books. I have to say I have read the first three only in the Vampire Academy series and I enjoyed them but I really couldn't get into the fourth... But I will push through and try and finish the series. I was pretty excited that a graphic novel was going to be made for this series so I decided to post the image previews that is on USA TODAYS website, click the link for more images: Link

I have to say I like the images and design of what the Graphic Novel shows. But I'm a comic book collector and a dedicated fan of comics and the art on this series is not that impressive. I'm not sure if its the almost anime look that their faces have or what but its just not my cup of tea when it comes to comics. I still will check it out because I want to see how they portray the book.


  1. Very cool, I think I'm going to have to add it to my wish list:)

  2. as I thought the art sucks...After reading so many manga I'm stuck on reading comics that have beautiful art and US comics just don't. I wouldn't even be able to sit through reading this comic b/c I would be bitching about the art the whole time LOL

  3. Mariya I feel the same way Im kinda sad, cause I was really looking forward to the art but now....not so much. Haha Im going to try it out but if the art bothers me ill have to stop just like you haha