Jan 22, 2016

{Blog Tour: Excerpt + Review + Giveaway} Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

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From the author of Crazy Good comes a new military romance from Rachel Robinson!
Meet Cody & Lainey in Time and Space.

Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Mature, Angst, Romance


Several men did Navy SEAL Cody Ridge DIRTY.

Not only did they take his career and his fiancée, they stole everything but his life, and he barely escaped with that.

Cody is back.

As the boss of Ridge Contracting, his life is a blur of adrenaline and endless hours of work. Thriving and successful, he has never forgotten what was taken or who is to blame. His scars run as deep as the hatred in his heart.
Everything Cody lost will be his again. At any cost.

Lainey Rosemont can decorate anything. Your drab bedroom? She’s got it. A rundown shack in the middle of N.Y.C.? Lainey is the woman for the job. Unfortunately her past love life isn’t something she can Feng shui.

She has moved on from her relationship with Cody. It was over--literally buried in the ground. When he comes spiraling back into her life she’s not sure where their limits lie. With her nuptials to the swoony, heartthrob, Navy SEAL, Dax Redding fast approaching Lainey has decisions to make and a past of sinister secrets to confront.

Time changes everything and space apart turns lovers into strangers.

The only thing standing between happily ever after and fate is revenge.


This was my first read from author Rachel Robinson and boy was it a doozy. I wasn’t expecting so much angst and heartache, but it was done with such care and emotion that I was easily swept away with Robinsons words.

Cody Ridge is an ex-Navy SEAL, while on a mission he was captured and held prisoner for over 3 years. He was finally rescued after being declared dead, but the love of his life and the one person who kept him going through memory has now moved on. After a year they both have tried moving on, while Cody’s business is successful and Lainey is preparing for her big wedding day, but Lainey needs one last thing from Cody before she gets married.

This was a whole new ballpark for me, as I dislike love triangles with a passion, I was actually good with this one. Dax, who is engaged to Lainey was the SEAL who rescued Cody. I felt pretty bad for the guy at the beginning because the woman hes about to marry still loves the man he saved. But lets just say my mind was changed later on.

Cody is a alpha male that will have you falling hard for him. At the beginning I was a little iffy about him and his stalker talk about Lainey, but after hearing his side and seeing the emotional pull he has with her, it all made sense. The romance between Cody and Lainey is hot and heavy with top notch angst and will pull at all your heartstrings.

And when you think this book was going to be all about the romance, there is a twist that will add more tension to their lives. Cody wants revenge for what happened to him and I’ll just say this was a big shocker for me, but I wont spoil it.

Overall this book turned me inside out and I loved the push and pull between Cody and Lainey. Lainey was a tough character for me to connect to, as I wished some of her decisions panned out a bit different, she just needed to make up her mind. The romance was fantastic, so much passion and connection it was undeniable. I absolutely look forward to reading more from Robinson, this was a great introduction to her writing.

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She’s been his for the stolen years. I called Dax. We spoke of Lainey and how he wants her to know she has options. He wants to win her fair and square. I didn’t have the heart to tell him fair and square loses every single time. The option that Lainey is exercising at the moment has my mouth watering and my dick rapt at attention. A stronger man--a man with more integrity would resist. I was stripped of everything, integrity included. I just want back what is rightfully mine.

“I want to kiss your entire body. You want that?” I ask, rubbing the insides of her thighs with the palms of my hands.  Her body excites me. It’s familiar and brand new at the same time. Everything washes away when I touch her. I can block my pain receptors with her pleasure. I can forget. “Every single square inch of you.” I say folding my hands around her tiny, tan waist.

She nods. Her doe eyes challenging me to merely kiss her. Smirking, I lean over her drag my lips across her tits, down her stomach and back up her neck to find her mouth. Lainey whimpers as I rest some of my body weight on top of her.  My mouth is watering by the time I bring my lips on top of hers. Her scent is all around me, her warm skin is against my chest, my cock is nestled right where it wants to be. How to tell her how much I’ve missed her? Or that her fucking gorgeous face is still the center of my universe?

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About the Author

Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.

Stalk Rachel here:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

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