Jan 6, 2015

{Review} of Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy

Ruthless People by J.J. McAvoy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Romance, Crime, and Suspense


To the outside world, they look like American Royalty, giving to charities, feeding the homeless, rebuilding the city. But behind closed doors is a constant battle for dominance between two Bosses, cultures, and hearts.

Ruthless People is a romantic crime fiction set in modern day Chicago, following the life and marriage of Melody Nicci Giovanni and Liam Callahan—rivals by blood and leaders through fear. Their marriage was arranged by their fathers in hopes to end years of bloodshed between the Irish and the Italians.

Liam, next in line to lead the Irish, believes he’s getting a simple-minded wife, one he can control, one who bends to his every need . . . the complete opposite of Melody. Bred to be a Boss, a world-class marksman, master of disguise, with no mercy and no fear. Twenty-four years later, she has achieved more than any man could even dream of, killing anyone who steps in her way. She knows exactly what type of man Liam is, and she would rather die than give up the power she has spent her whole life building. But with no other family left, she must not only learn to work with Liam, but the whole Callahan clan.

The Mafia of the past is evolving, and with rival bosses gunning for them, Melody and Liam will have to figure out how to work as one to take down those who stand in their way, all while keeping up appearances.

Power, Family, and Respect are everything.


I can’t get over how much I enjoyed this story, its full of crazy people who don’t care who they hurt and make their own rules, so it shocked me how crazy awesome this was. I can’t imagine growing up surrounded by danger, but the danger becomes you as you grow up. Each character is devoted to their families, traditions and wanting power and control. This was one of my favorite stories of 2014 and I can’t wait to continue seeing what these two insane lovers do next.

Ruthless People follows Liam Callahan who is about get married to his families rival’s daughter Melody Giovanni. Liam and Melody both have known this day would come as their fathers in hoping to end the blood feud arranged their marriage. Liam isnt prepared for the ruthless and deadly Melody, who is not a trophy wife but a trained killer. Melody isnt prepared for Liam who is just as deadly as she is but spark a passion in her that she didn’t know existed. Together they go against their rivals and build an empire, but with secrets and lies neither are prepared for what’s to come.

Liam is the more humorous side to the marriage, his Irish charm and alpha maleness is smoking hot and makes him born leader. What I loved most about him is how surprised he is about Melody, he wasn’t expecting her and together they feed each others desires and have a passion to destroy anyone who gets in their way. Liam helps Melody open up and find out she actually can have feelings and someone to trust in her life.

Melody is a cold hearted woman, she doesn’t really feel nor care and wants power. When she marries Liam she doesn’t trust him, she even shoots him showing she means business. But soon realizes that Liam is her equal and someone who she can trust and maybe love. I really enjoyed watching her wall break down and start to show emotion. Liam is hot and loves to take charge in the bedroom, which Melody loves and fully gives into him, But they both become weapons and leaders to their families. Its such an interesting dynamic.

Overall I was completely awed by this story, this two are deafeningly insane and deadly but so entertaining. There was never a dull moment and dangers came at them at every corner. The ending was not so much a cliffhanger but a new beginning. There is a ton of secrets revealed but one big shocker comes to Melody that I’m hoping Liam can help her through. If you’re looking for smocking hot romance between two dangerously awesome alphas in crime families, then look nor further.

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