Jan 12, 2015

{Review} of The Pact by Karina Halle

The Pact by Karina Halle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: New Adult Contemporary
THEME: Romance, Humor


It all started with a pinky swear…

Linden McGregor is tall, rugged, and gunslinger handsome; a helicopter pilot with a Scottish brogue and charm to spare. He’s also one of Stephanie Robson’s best friends and has fit into that box for as long as she’s known him.

But some relationships can’t be boxed, can’t be classified, can’t be tamed.

Back in their mid-twenties and tired of the competitive hit-or-miss dating scene of San Francisco, Steph and Linden made a pact to marry each other if neither one of them are in a serious relationship by the time they hit thirty.

It sounds like fun and games but as the years to thirty tick past and lovers come and go out of their lives, the pact becomes larger than life.
Sex is inevitable. Friendships are tested. Hearts are on the line.

The pact is about to change everything.


Karina Halle is seriously knocking her latest books out of the park, they keep getting better and better. The Pact is a fun read that focuses on the friendship of two people who made a pact. I loved the simplicity of the actual pact and the growth through the years for each character.

The Pact follows Stephanie Robson who has a dream to open up her own clothing store one day, while her BFF and major flirt Linden wants to be a helicopter pilot even if its against his fathers wishes. One night at their friend’s bar they make a pact that if by the age of 30 there are not in a serious relationship they’ll marry each other. Over the course of their years reaching 30 the two go through the ups and downs of relationships and their denial of what their hearts really want.

I really enjoyed watching their journey to discover what they already knew. It was interesting too see how Linden dealt with Stephanie being in a relationship and vise versa, because it was so obvious each was jealous of the other. Stephanie’s journey consisted of dealing with starting her own clothing store, her relationship with a guy who just didn’t care and dealing with her friend and ex lover James. Linden is a playboy or he makes it sound that way, he struggles with his family, hurting his friend James and a relationship that he knows is going nowhere.

Overall it was hard to understand why these two couldn’t just be together, they were so good together. It took them forever to finally cave and when they did it opened up old wounds. The major challenge was their friend James, they were a trio and it was actually really interesting that Steph and Linden became best friends even after Steph and James broke up. You would think there would be tension but it was only James’ harboring feeling for Steph in the aftermath.

The best part was seeing the progression of their lives, careers, and in the end the realization that they already had what they wanted. It may frustrate some readers, but when it comes to relationships we all make mistakes and nothing is easy when it comes to the heart.

In the end I adore Halles writing, she knows how create a dramatic and well-paced plot. My only issue was the fact that James was used as the content bump in the road, if he was a true friend he would understand. But it was also hard to see how strong each characters friendship was since the book introduced them after they all became friends. Nonetheless I loved the romance, tension and I mean TENSION! It was smoking hot, Linden is major hotness and Steph was such an awesome woman to be by his side no matter what.

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