Jan 14, 2015

{Bees Knees: TV Show Coming Soon} Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones

What I think is the Bees Knees! Is a feature that shows book decorations, books blogs, great book articles, book designs, and more. I'll discuss why I like it, don't like it or just ramble away.

Okay so I may be a little late in the game when it comes to the hyped titles, but I'm so glad I discovered Lisa Renee Jones and her Inside Out series. I've devoured the first two books in the series and I know book 6 is the final, which comes out next month. (Lots of people are dying to see how it all ends!). But anyways, what's really exciting as that this series has also been picked up for the small screen! I'm loving all the books to movies/TV that's been happening.

But anyways if your a big fan, you probably already know that LRJ has posted a lot of information about the upcoming show.

Plus you can actually become a VIP insider with the producers of the show. Check out the site here: VIP INSIDER

So enough with my blabbing, but if you haven't tried this adult series, its a must read. The mystery is intense, the romance is freaking hotter than hell and the characters...so damaged but I adore each and every messed up person because no one is perfect.

Since they are still casting I'm sooo looking forward to seeing who they pick for my dominating bad boy Mark and the artistically damaged Chris.

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