Dec 15, 2014

{Review} of Because You're Mine by K. Langston

Because You're Mine by K. Langston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: New Adult
THEME: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit


Madison Waters knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She was already working for one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston as a research assistant, and in a few short months, she would finally graduate from Harvard and collect her law degree. Everything Madison had worked so hard for, was well within her reach.

But when Madison has to take an unexpected trip back home, she's blindsided by the one thing she'd never planned on.

Desperate to escape his wicked past, Holden Brooks moved to Madison's hometown five years ago. It was a struggle at first, but he eventually overcame the demons that nearly destroyed him back in Texas. Holden is in a good place in his life and love is the very last thing on his mind.

Everything changes the moment their two paths collide and they soon find out, fate has a plan of its own.

You never know when love will come along and change...everything.


Woosh I’m totally Team Brooks now, author K. Langston writes a quickly paced romance with an alpha male that makes a tough future lawyer very weak in the knees. Even though I wanted the tension and angst to go a little longer, I felt this was a sweet and sexy story to enjoy over the cold winter break.

Because You’re Mine follows Madison Waters who moved to Boston to earn her law degree and is now working for a very successful law firm. But she leaves all the behind for a couple of weeks after the sudden ailment of her father brings her home. Madison isn’t prepared for the oh so irritable and cocky Holden Brooks, whose been helping on her parents farm as well as works for a local hot spot. The thing is Madison has a plan for her life in Boston and even though she and Holden have been getting closer, he’s not part of the plan or is he?

Madison is a tough cookie when it comes to her smarts and dedication to getting her law degree. With graduation coming soon and her complicated romance with her boss going nowhere, she really didn’t need the bad news about her father. Even though I love romance, I adored the small interaction between Madison and her parents. There is so much love in their family and you can see how proud they are of their daughter. Madison loves her hometown but I could tell Boston was her escape. Madison has a lot of angst towards Holden at the beginning, I felt mostly because it was almost like he was replacing her in helping on her family farm. And of course because of the obvious chemistry between the two was off the chart. In the end Madison had a tough decision to make in her career and her heart.

Holden is a stubborn and cocky man who has some issues when it comes to family and the guilt of a friend’s death on his shoulders. Madison brings him back to life but also challenges his patients when it comes to their connection. Holden confused Madison and complicates her life is good and bad ways. I felt even with all his flaws, his heart was in the right place when it came to his friends and Madison. He’s a total alpha male and sometimes needed to think first before he acted. But I adored

Overall I loved the laid back guy taming the smart and stern woman and both finding that fate really did have a plan. My only real issue was with Madison and her boss, their relationship was smoking hot and heavy at the beginning. But its resolve was almost quickly thrown under the bus, I actually at one point thought he’d come back in the picture. So that tidbit was a bit of a bummer for me. The secondary characters of Katherine and Archer were freaking amazing a sizzling secondary characters that I knew would be the focus in the second book, I felt their chemistry burning off the pages, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to read more of the Mine series and see what K. Langston comes up with next.

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