Sep 24, 2014

{Review} of Release by Rebecca Lynn

Release by Rebecca Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Romance
THEME: Contemporary, Mature

Release, the standalone debut novel by Rebecca Lynn, is Book 1 of the new Iris Series and the perfect blend of steamy erotica and sweet romance.

Two and half years after the death of her husband, twenty seven year old Ryann Thornton is finally ready to embrace life again. Goal oriented, driven, and beautiful, she has a new career, a new home, and if she can work through her doubts and insecurities, possibly a new love.

Jeremy McCallister is dominant, gorgeous, and talented. He's a notorious ladies’ man and one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors. When he sees Ryann Thornton standing in the rain, he has to have her, and when he goes after something, he gets it. However, he’ll have to work hard to convince Ryann they’re compatible both in and out of the bedroom.

When Ryann discovers her new career poses a conflict in her relationship with Jeremy, she uses it as an excuse to run scared. Will Jeremy be able to persuade her to take a risk, or will circumstances beyond their control stand in the way of their happiness?

Mature readers only.


Many mature contemporary books these days are compared to 50 Shades of Grey and I’m always iffy about them, especially when it’s a rich guy and an innocent girl. What I liked about Release is even though it has the rich powerful guy, the female lead had a happy life and love, and she is successful in her own right. I feel the readers will easily connect to Ryann the lead and sympathize and adore her strength.

Release follows Ryann Thornton who once found her soul mate and married young, sadly to lose him only after a short time. Years later she is a loved English teacher by a prestigious school and her students. She decides to study art and teach, a passion she has always admired and enjoyed. But her life changes after encountering Jeremy McCallister at an art show; he immediately becomes intrigued by her, especially since he noticed her standing in the rain only hours ago. The two discover a connection but Ryann has a path she is determined to take and Jeremy’s new role may conflict with her goal.

Ryann is an intelligent and passion woman who adores teaching; she is one to be proud of the success of her student and determined to move forward with her passion. Her loss affected her deeply and she has only known one man she has cared for truly. Now she is being overwhelmed by Jeremy, who is nothing like her husband, he is dominant, insistent, passionate and knows what he wants. Ryann was a great character to connect too, her love for teaching, determination to not let anything stand in her way of her goal and her connection to Jeremy will have anyone rooting for her. There are many challenges that effect her career and relationship, she has to make difficult decisions and decide what will make her happy in the end.

Jeremy is a passionate man, with a dominant persona and cant get the woman standing out in the rain out of his head. He is drawn too her without even talking to her and I loved that kind of insta-love because its more of a love at first sight than annoying. Jeremy isnt perfect, there are many things that he has to understand about Ryann, even though he gets away with his pushy attitude a lot with her. At times I wish he could understand where she is coming from about their careers and how they can be affected because of his status. She takes things a bit more seriously where he is not as affected by them. However I also can feel him start to change, he knows that something deep is happening between them. Whether its good or bad is the question.

Overall Lynn has gained a new fan with her writing and character development. Even though bits and pieces sounds similar to others Ryann will capture everyone’s heart and Jeremy will gains many fans. This does have an ending as each book in the serious are stand alones, so the readers will get an ending without a cliffhanger. But the second book follows Ayanna, who is Ryann’s fabulously flirty and fun friend, who I adored and hope she find her happy ending.


This is a New Adult novel that is suited for a mature audience of 18 and over. Fans of Jennifer Echols Such a Rush and Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster will want to get their hands on Stay with Me by J. Lynn.

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