Sep 25, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday: Book Covers & Storytelling

Thoughts on Thursday is my meme where I discuss books, authors, book news, movies, convention and or anything related the the book world.

This weeks topic is a favorite of mine, as a graphics designer I love the beautiful art of book cover designs and how they help tell the story that the authors work so hard to write. Below are a few of my favorites and all for very different reasons.

Each of these covers have wonderful stories, one of course I haven't read yet, but I love the movement in the models and the writing (Wicked). A lot of people judge books by the covers, I know I do. 

I have been fooled once or twice by a beautiful cover but I love how each genre differs so much. 

Such as Kelly Armstrong's Wild Justice is a mystery thriller with romance, but the need for characters on the cover isn't necessary to explain what the story is about. 

A. A. Aguirre's Bronze Gods shows the leads characters dressed in the period clothing but it's the weapons and clocks that explain in detailed the storyline. 

Molly Harper's How I Run with a Naked Werewolf is all about the title and the cute humor of it, her writing is always funny and its clearly expressed on this design. 

Wicked is a beautiful new cover, the two leads are intertwined together clearly stating their romance. I love the underwater movement the is brought into the typography as well, it brings a hint of sensual romance and totally hooked me.

Lastly Altered by Jennifer Rush, I wasn;t really sure about the cover, but I know Rush's writing and could see this male chacter was going to be different, tough, and also broken, all from the look of the cover.

So how about you? What are some covers that really spoke to you and that you felt really explained the storyline.

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  1. One of my favorite covers is a little known book by Anne McCaffrey: "Crystal Singer". It's sci-fi, so it shows the heroine with her crystal cutter on, leaning backward, with the background being a sunrise/sunset with mountains of crystals. It may be old, but I love it more than some of the newer, plainer book covers because it shows you the basic plot of the story.