May 6, 2014

{1 - Liner Contest} Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

Enter the 1-Liner Contest, the line picked will get it printed in Dirty Blood 5!!!

“George, move,” I said. Maybe it was something in my tone, but he didn’t argue.

I called my wolf to the surface. It was so close already, shifting took no time. With a small ripping sound, my clothes shredded and fell around me. I leaned in as my limbs extended here, retracted there. I landed on four paws.
Nick growled.
The look in his eyes seemed wilder, almost feral. No specific thoughts penetrated but there was a mood. A dark cloud of fury. I took a step toward him, my gaze intent. No matter what was happening with the bond or to him, I had to let him know who was boss around here.
“Why were you fighting?” I asked.
No answer.
“It’s the second time today. Tell me why.”
Nick’s shoulders straightened and he raised his snout. “Curtis was running his mouth.”
“That is not a good reason to attack someone.”
“It is for me.”
My temper spiked. “You’re not in charge. I’m alpha here. You will obey me.”
Instead of backing down, Nick stood tall, a glint in his eyes. I’d seen this look on him before. Nick was stubborn. He was one of the hybrids I worried about. There was a darkness in him, something below the surface that didn’t seem quite human. Right now, the darkness was thick and close. It clouded my thoughts. Made my temper worse.
“You thinking about doing something stupid, Nick?” My normally growly voice was silky with the threat behind them. Even with the unpredictable side of him underneath, I wasn’t scared of Nick. I’d fought worse. Much, much worse. “Because you look like you’re thinking about challenging your alpha and that would be very, very stupid.”
The pack pressed into the corners of my mind at the new conflict unfolding. George hovered nearby, worried for me, where the rest of them seemed much more concerned for Nick. They had no doubt their alpha would rip him to pieces.
“I’m exercising my right to have an opinion. And enforce it when someone doesn’t listen,” Nick said.
He was choosing his words carefully. He wanted to challenge me but he was wary of how to go about it. Something dark and lethal shifted inside him. No, I was wrong. He didn’t want to challenge me so much as pick a fight. With anyone. Nick wanted to taste blood. It no longer mattered whose.
This was my fear with the hybrids.
The reason I checked on them, babysat them, kept them hidden in the woods. There was something dark and ugly inside them. Some kept it farther from the surface than others, but all of them had it. Even George. The thirst, the longing for blood. Not only to spill it but to taste it.
Nick’s thirst was overwhelming now. I could feel it in my head. I could see it in his eyes. He couldn’t fight it any longer. He’d decided he didn’t want to.
With mouth open, jaws flexed, he leaped.
All I could think was, this is why Alex hates us.

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