Feb 11, 2014

{Review} of My Wolf's Bane by Veronica Blade

My Wolf's Bane by Veronica Blade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Young Adult
THEME: Werewolves, Shifters, and Romance
RECEIVED: Publisher

Different species. Mortal enemies. It'll never work, but they'll die trying.

Autumn Rossi thought she was a normal teenager. Suddenly, she can outrun every critter in the forest, making her wonder if she’s even human.

When the new guy at school, Zack de Luca, witnesses a questionable scene, he unfairly pins her as stuck-up. He acts like he hates her, yet he keeps bailing her out of trouble. Not only is Zack both insufferable and irresistible, he seems to sniff her anytime he gets close.

As passion flares between them, Autumn isn’t sure which is more dangerous: her psycho ex-boyfriend, or falling for Zack — who’s risking his life just by being near her.


Once again I’m sucked back into the world of werewolves, there are so many authors who creatively take on the werewolf genre. Veronica Blade does a fantastic job adding a slightly different twist with my favorite addition romance.

My Wolf’s Bane follows Autumn who has moved around a lot since she can remember. Now in her new town she is happy to be settling in with new friends and a boyfriend. But as always in high school, drama always occurs, Gina her best friend isn’t as good of a friend as she thought and her boyfriends change in personality is becoming a major turn off. And then there is Zack whom she can’t seem to turn away from and she soon discover they have a unique connection, as well as he may have answers to Autumn secret.

Autumn is a typical teenage girl, who has been overly protected by her parents and she’s just begging for some freedom. She finally gets her wish granted and she soon is sucked into a world of werewolves and that maybe she isn’t as human as she thought. I liked Autumn’s growth, her character is a bit of a mystery as I had no idea what she was and why her parents have kept moving around to keep her safe. There are lots of secrets and it was interesting to see Autumn slowly learn that her life is anything but ordinary. I did feel bad for her through most of the book as she deals with changing as well as the betrayal of her friend and boyfriend. It’s definitely high school drama with a kick of paranormal.

Zack is a sweetheart, he may seem like a jerk and a bad boy at the beginning but he has so much going for him. His life hasn’t been easy, his mother is ill and he is being forced into a life he doesn’t want. But Autumn awakens hope inside him, that maybe there is something else out there to care about and change his life. He becomes her guardian, protecting her from her pyscho ex and the wolves that would hurt her if they knew what she was. I loved the tension, both Zack and Autumn knew there is a spark between them but they just have a hard time expressing their feelings. Zack keeps pushing her away but still wont go far enough if he knows she not safe.

Overall this was a great start to the series, still a lot of unanswered questions. I still want to know what Autumns parent know, more about what she is and how Zack and Autumn with overcome their biggest obstacle, being together. There are some great secondary characters, but not highlighted enough for me to get too connected too. This is a quick read and has all the paranormal goodies with romance, mystery, action and some creepy villains.

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