Mar 27, 2012

{Review} of Promising Light by Emily Ann Ward

Promising Light (The Protectors, #1)
Promising Light by Emily Ann Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: YA Paranormal Romance
THEME: Shifters
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Grace began a secret courtship with Dar for the thrill of doing something against her father, the king’s general. She hadn’t planned on falling in love with him. When Dar suddenly leaves her, she searches for answers, reluctant to let him go. 

Everyone seems determined to keep the truth from her—until she’s kidnapped by Dar’s family. They’re shape changers who claim she can break a curse set on them ten years ago by the Protectors, a group of noblemen determined to stifle magic in the name of safety. 

Torn between two worlds, Grace isn’t sure who to trust. If the curse endures, Dar’s family could die out forever. But to help them, she’ll have to leave behind everything she knows.

Promising Light by Emily Ann Ward caught my attention one day while looking for something new to read. I found the concept of the story interesting and the cover was beautiful designed to match the story. This is a book that really challenges the hearts of the lead characters and the determination to do what feels right. The beginning starts of soft and romantic until the story takes a twisted turn into a world full of curses and family secrets.

Grace is a young a beautiful noble girl who has falling deeply for another noble named Dar. But sadly they must keep their relationship secret because Grace’s father despises Dar’s family for unknown reasons. Then one day Grace is warned to stay away from day because he is dangerous and before she realizes it she is pulled into a secret that goes deep into the secrets of Dar’s family and her own.

Grace isn’t your regular noble girl and when she gets pulled into the secret that shape shifters exist, it doesn’t take her long to get deeply involved. She also is very out spoken and very defensive when it comes to protecting people she knows who are good. I really felt bad for her because her family is forcing a union between her and the prince, whom I felt was a pompous jerk. I’m glad she saw right through him. Grace sadly was heart broken a lot because of Dar, even though he was protecting her, he didn’t consider that she could actually handle a lot more than the normal girl.

Dar and his family were really the pull of the story. I felt the secrets and magic behind the curse that they were dealing with was original and intriguing. Ward wrote a unique tale about not so ordinary shifters, which makes this story one of a kind. The only thing that bothered me was how Dar and Grace tried to pretend not to care from one and other, it was obvious they cared but just kept being conflicted.

Overall this was novel was full of family tension, adventure, and magic that created a very entertaining story. I was thrilled with the romance and the shifters curse that Ward created. I look forward to reading more from Emily Ann Ward.

This is a young adult novel that with a strong and adventurous female lead. Fans of Kristin Cashore’s Graceling and Rachel Hawkins Hex Hall will enjoy the tough female story of Promising Light by Emily Ann Ward.

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