Mar 21, 2012

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} with Linda Andrews of Blue Maneuver

Blue Maneuver
Welcome author Linda Andrews to Seeing Night Reviews! She is here to talk about how she started writing romance novels and one commentor will have a chance to win an ebook of Blue Maneuver.

I didn't pick up my first romance novel until after I watched the movie Romancing the Stone. It was funny, clever and kept me on edge so I checked out the book. Imagine my surprise when the book was better. Now don't get me wrong. I am and was an avid reader. Most of my summers were spent at the Velma Teague library in downtown Glendale checking out books. Armfuls of books. 30 books to be specific as that was the limit on my card! Good thing my parents were avid readers:-) Because we returned every week for an new pile.

And the beautiful thing about Velma Teague library was that it held the largest selection of romance novels in the country. So there was always more, always a great choice and wide variety. I would read and read and read. And my mother never censored what I read. Despite the bodice rippers and half naked people on the covers, I could read them as long as I wasn't embarrassed and came to her with any questions (I was 13).

But when it came time to write a novel, my first choice was mysteries. I still don't understand why. After all, romance novels had empowered women, career women, mystery and travel to exotic places. Still, a mystery it was. At least I thought it was until someone told me that I'd written a romance. Hmm, boy meets girl, stuff happens and it keeps them from committing to each other, then there's the happily ever after at the end.  Okay, after that first manuscript, I wrote romances with mysteries inside them,

I could live with that. Then I was challenged to write a short story. My brain doesn't really think small but one day the universe provided a simple idea. By no means would those it be considered a romance. Yet, I cranked out the demented little piece and sure enough there was an ending--not exactly a happy ever after, but one that satisfied. And that's when I knew it. That whatever happened  I needed that good ending fix and no matter how depraved, twisted or dark the story got, I would remain true to my romance writer/reading heritage.

 Now, I write romances in between destroying the world and committing genocide. I have to. Part of my soul demands it. And while I still read in a wide variety of genres, romance novels draw me in time and time again. I love the emotion, the strong hero and heroine and the happily ever after. Of course, it helps that the man usually admits that he's wrong :-) What draws you to romance novels?
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  1. I like seeing the couple overcome trials and tribulations and still find love. It's not just love they found, but often they learn something about themsevles and their partner. That growth is something I like to see since each character is different. I like seeing love happen to people who deserve them.

  2. It's the possibilities, the what if's, of seeing a couple overcome odds to reach the ultimate goal- true love.