Mar 22, 2012

{Tribute Book Tour: Review} Until Next Time by Amy Lignor

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Until Next Time (The Angel Chronicles, #1)Until Next Time by Amy Lignor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
GENRE: YA Paranormal
THEME: Romance, Historical
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How does a girl choose between the one who steals her heart and the one who owns her soul?

Matt and Emily were created for a specific job. Raised and trained as the ultimate angel/warrior team, they are sent down to save, defend, judge and forgive, depending on the 'life' they've been assigned. What they don't realize is that the power of human emotions, such as love, anger, passion and fear can take over even the best of souls, causing them to make mistakes and follow paths that lead to confusion and heartache.

When the reason for their training is finally revealed, the angel/warrior team find themselves thrust into a world they know nothing about. Matt takes over the life of Daniel, a young man with a great deal of baggage. Emily becomes Liz, a girl living in a remote village who relies on nothing more than her own strength to survive. A violent storm erupts one night, and framed in the window of Liz's establishment is a frightening face. Let in by the soul of a Good Samaritan, the two visitors bring with them a past full of secrets that could literally change an angel's path and a warrior's plans.

From murder to redemption, this angel/warrior team must find a way to keep the faith they have in each other in a world that's ripping them apart.

Until Next Time started strong with the two lead characters ready for battle, but against each other. Well…almost battle its actually training and one character is not very happy with the other. I really got excited to see why this was happening and was immediately drawn into the novel.

The main story follows Emily and Matt, an Angel and Warrior who are sent to earth to live out the lives of humans whose lives ended too soon. Both are sent on their first mission, but the thing is when they enter their new bodies they have no memory of their Angel lives.

Emily who is now a young Irish girl named Liz fun a pub with her best friend Faith. During a storm they shelter two men whom they follow and each fall in the love with one of the girls. This was definitely the case of Insta-love for both Liz and Faith and I almost felt it was too quick for my liking. I got a kick out of Faith and her relationship with Liz carries the story along, two best friends finding love and a new life.

Charles comes from a wealthy lifestyle; he was by far my favorite. The story heavily focuses on his family because of his parents. Two horrible and pompous people who are cruel to both Charles and anyone associated with him. Jason is Charles’ long time friend and he falls deeply in love with Liz (Emily). As important I think Jason is as a character I didn’t know much outside the love he had for Liz. Then there is Matt who is now in Daniel’s body and also a love interest for Liz (Emily). I was intrigue by his character and really wanted to see more of him in action and helping Emily on their missions.

I found the concept of watching the Angels living a life on earth that had purpose very original. The story carried an emotional tone that pulled the reader into rotting for the characters. The readers do get to meet some saints and archangels, while the story cuts back and fourth from heaven to earth. But that part I did found a little frustrating, it was almost like reading two books at once. Heaven was the lighter parts of the story, while earth was very dark and sadder half.

Overall I enjoyed the idea of the plot, the secondary characters and archangels were great. I hope in the future books I get to read more about the Angel side; I really enjoyed the Heaven bits of the story. Emily and Matt seemed to have learned a lot from their mission and I’m interested to see what happens on the next once after the very interesting ending. Both beginning and end were the strongest of the novel; the ending really caught my interest and look forward to see what happens next.

This is a young adult novel and suitable for teens, Fans of authors Megan Curd and Becca Fitzpatricks angel’s novels with enjoy Until Next Time by Amy Lignor.

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  1. Kristen, let me just start off by saying - you have such a fantastic blog. Bravo!

    And it's always good to meet up with another Charles fan :)

    I'm glad that overall you enjoyed Amy's book and are looking forward to the sequel.

  2. Kristen, thank you for having the angel/warrior team on your site! I am very happy to meet up with someone who liked the 'Heaven' side best and you should really enjoy Book II. Have a great one!