Dec 1, 2011

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} Amanda Bonilla of of Shaedes of Gray

Seeing Night Reviews is the next stop in the Between Light and Dark Tour for Shaedes of Gray by Amanda Bonilla. Amanda is here to talk about some character loving and her crush, plus she's giving away 1 print copy of her novel Shaedes of Gray!
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Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin, #1)

Character Love: My Shaedes of Gray Crush
Every writer has characters that they love. Their favorite to write, interact with, whatever. I have a few favorites in the Shaede Assassin world, but anyone who knows me would say that my character crush is Xander Peck, High King of the Shaede Nation.

I suppose Xander does have a special place in my heart. Don’t ask me why, but I love his arrogance. He’s the king, after all, and dead sexy to boot. Xander is a classic alpha male and used to getting what he wants. He would never entertain the thought that anything is out of his reach. But behind his arrogance, and insufferable kingly façade is a man who would go to any lengths to protect his people. He’s fair in the way a good ruler should be and he’s got a soft spot for hard-luck cases.

Don’t think that Xander is simply a pretty face with a hard exterior and a soft, mushy center, though. He can be cold—some might even call him cruel—and calculating. Xander has a tendency to be very opportunistic and isn’t above manipulation and the occasional lie or omission. I love Xander because he does what has to be done, and he doesn’t waste a lot of time weighing his conscience or the consequences. He’s ruled his kingdom for centuries, and in that time, he’s learned some valuable lessons about what it takes to hold on to his crown. He does what’s best for his kingdom, and he makes the hard choices no one else can make.

So far, Xander sounds like a stiff, spoiled, aristocratic snob. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Xander has a dry sense of humor, and is playful in a sardonic sort of way. Being the king means his life is not his own, he’s constantly watched over, driven to this place or that. Privacy comes second when your house is stuffed with bodyguards, soldiers, and household staff. Xander takes every opportunity he gets to break from his regal world, and his ideal date night is eating greasy burgers while sitting on a park bench with a view of Seattle below him. Of course, he drives an Aston Martin on those dates, but what girl would complain about sitting shotgun in a Vantage?

Xander has it all: looks, money, power and status. He’s intense and somewhat demanding. (I did mention he’s the king. Demanding sort of comes part-in-parcel.) The most alluring thing about Xander Peck is the challenge he brings. His kingdom and his people come first. Period. But what if you were the woman who could change that? Who wouldn’t want to be the woman that the king surrendered his crown for? Talk about a power trip. I’d take that challenge any day. Well, that is, if I were single. ;)
What about you? Who’s your literary crush? Is he a demanding alpha male or the beta? Which do you prefer to read about?
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  1. That is not an easy question. There are so many to choose from. But I will say that I do like the strong alpha types better. Weak male characters kind of annoy me.

    Christina Madison

  2. I have to agree, Christina. Alphas are definitely fun to read about! ;)

  3. I have so many and most are demanding alphas. Mine is Barrons.

  4. I love Alpha males for sure. My literary crush would be Jeanniene Frost's Bones, yummy.

  5. I get crushes on literary heroes all the time. My first was Mr. Darcy and my most recent is Jace Wayland. :) Both are definitely Alpha males.

  6. It generally changes with what I'm reading. JD Robb's Roark is an often alph favorite

  7. I like alphas but I kind of have a soft spot for the betas. My literary crushes include Draco Malfoy, Jacob Black (even though I'm not a huge Twilgiht fan), and Ky from Matched.