Sep 14, 2011

{Author Guest Post + Giveaway} Mary Abshire of the Soul Catcher Series

I'm happy to welcome author Mary Abshire to SNR, to talk about her Soul Cater Series. As a fan of paranormal romances I'm really excited to have Mary as a guest and who wouldn't want to know more about a series that has all the PNR goodness that we all love.

Half-demon catches souls and sends them to hell.

In a nutshell, that's what my Soul Catcher series is about. It sounds like an easy job, but trust me, it's not when you don't trust supernatural creatures and you have a noble vampire fighting for your love, a demon battling to win your heart, and vampires hunting you down. You just want to live a normal life, but that's not going to happen.
Oh, the dilemmas…
How did I come up with the idea for the series, you ask?
I'm a lover of paranormal, supernatural, dark and mysterious. Always have been. I especially love vampires. When I started the series, I didn't want a story just about vampires. There are plenty of vampire books out there. So, I thought about what I could write and what I came up with was a half demon soul catcher. She thinks she's destined to an eternity in hell and it will take someone to convince her otherwise. Who is that someone? I'm not going to say because I'd like you to read the books (smile) but you can probably figure it out from the blurbs. LOL. I add tons of conflict—external and internal, romance, suspense, and a bit of mystery in the latest. The goal seems easy, motivation clear, but nothing is ever easy. Curious to know more? I hope so.

Thank you, Kristen, for having me as a guest!
Mary Abshire 
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Author
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Author Bio:
By day, I am a government employee. At night, I am a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Author. I live in Indianapolis with my loving husband, witty daughter, and ridiculous cat.

My interest in dark, mysterious, and dangerous creatures started in my youth. Sci-fi and horror shows were my favorite. During my teenage years, I read every Anne Rice book available, had a plethora of pen-pals I wrote to, and enjoyed 80’s new wave music. In my early twenties, I dabbled with writing, but never pursued it as a career. Fifteen years later, I decided to write again. After writing a few full-length novels, I came to the realization that I couldn’t stop. What started as an interest grew into love and is now an addiction. (At least my addiction is healthy and legal.)

I am a Pro Member of the RWA. I’m also a member of ESPAN (Electronic Small Press Authors’ Network), Savvy, and the Paranormal Romance Guild. I enjoy reading, writing, and chatting with others who have similar passions. Drop me a line and I will respond.

Books by Mary Abshire:
The Soul Catcher Series
  1. Claiming the Evil Dead
  2. Catching an Evil Tail
  3. Fighting Evil
  4. Love Conquers All Evil
The Awakening (an urban fantasy novel) – set for release Jan. 2012 from Lyrical Press

With four books in the Soul Catcher Series Mary has been kind to give away 1 eBook copy of any ONE of the novels in her series. Winner Choice!
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  1. Hi Mary! Loved the first two books and have the second two on my wishlist! I would love to win won!

    Looking forward to your new series in January!

  2. I received an invitation to this awesome event and I thank you some for sharing with us today and for the awesome giveaway opportunity.

  3. I love paranormal romance because it just seems to much sexier to be romanced by a paranormal or supernatural being! Not sure why, it just is :)