Sep 13, 2011

{Teen Book Scene Tour} Review of The Predicteds by Christine Seifert

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: YA Fiction/Drama
THEME: The Future
RECEIVED: Received for Review for Teen Scene Book Tour
AUTHORS BLOG: Christine Seiferts Site

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Our future is not your own...
"We wanted to know what makes a good kid good and a bad kid bad. Can you blame us for that? We found an astoundingly, marvelously simple answer: The brain isn't so much a complicated machine as it is a crystal ball. If you look into it, you will see everything you want to know."
-Dr. Mark Miliken, senior researcher at Utopia Laboratories

Who will it be?
Will the head cheerleader get pregnant?
Is the student council president a secret drug addict?
The whole school is freaking out about PROFILE, an experimental program that can predict students' future behavior.

The only question Daphne wants answered is whether Jesse will ask her out...but he's a Predicted, and there's something about his future he's not telling her.

Can you imagine knowing your future? Knowing that you will be a criminal in the future? The Predicteds is a story that reminds me a lot of the movie Minority report; I wouldn’t know how to handle to situation that the teens in this book have to deal with. Seifert writes a story that really makes you think, especially with technology growing, who knows if something like this could happen for the future.

The Predicted’s is a story about a program called Profile that is created to test individuals to see if they are meant to be a criminal in the future.  The company that runs the program uses Quiet High as their starting group, after a school incident. In the middle of it all is Daphne, daughter of the creator of the program and a girl who falls for the boy who has been predicted. 

Daphne enters Quiet High as the new girl, but is put in a pretty tough situation after a school incident that shakes the town. Now with students being predicted for crime, people are being divided and prejudice is brought out in full force. Daphne I felt was almost like a young detective, she really tried to sort out everything and wanted to discover the truth about everything. She falls for a guy that pretty much saved her life and he feels the same, except for when the Profiles of the student are handed out their lives take a massive turn.

Jesses is a Predicted, a student that has been predicted to do crime in the future. Everyone starts treating him like a outcast, a violent criminal and even wont let him in the same class as the “good” students. I felt he was a strong character, but his secrets put him in a lot of really bad situations. 

Overall I really enjoyed The Predicteds, it had some crazy twist and I kept getting caught off guard with every page.  I really connect with Daphne, I felt that she did a lot of what I would do being put in such a hard situation with friends, family and the one you care about all taking different sides. I loved  the characters that are definitely there to hate, they made me frustrated and angry, but most important pulled the story into such a dramatic and great story. I highly recommend this book, it makes you think of the future in a different way and makes you question what you would do if this program really existed. 

This is a young adult book with intense situations and lots of twist and turns that will leave young on the edge of your seat. Fans of Jennifer Echols and Ally Condie will love this novel.


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  3. This books sounds like a really intriguing concept. I don't think I'd want to know my future. I'd be dreading everything bad that I knew was going to happen, and I wouldn't be able to enjoy my life. Thanks for your great review.

    I just posted a review on my blog of a book I won in a giveaway from you, Blood Magic. Check it out if you're interested.


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