Sep 15, 2011

{Author Guest Post + Excerpt} Gabriella Hewitt of The Shadow Warrior Series

Please welcome Sasha and Patrizia aka Gabriella Hewitt to Seeing Night Reviews! Here to talk about Out of the Shadows and the series The Shadow Warriors!

What element are you?
I love writing paranormal romance! It is a genre where you can whip up some super cool fantasy and marry it to the dark side.  I am most happy to introduce my latest series. The SHADOW WARRIORS series from Samhain Publishing.

I love my heroines.  They are some super-wicked wonders with awesome elemental powers that they wield like weapons to defeat the dreaded Tzitzimime.  

What is a TZITZIMIME? (Don’t ask me how to pronounce it) They are ancient Aztec celestial beings sent down to earth to destroy humanity and cultivate the souls and bodies of people who have lived evil lives or disobeyed the gods. They are destructive demons that appear in the SHADOW WARRIOR series, so it is necessary to bring your own artillery to kick their butts. (Sure having hot men save the day is great, still I think women deserve the ability to defend themselves too, don’t you think?)

Each heroine is a guardian of ancient Aztec gods or goddesses and they use their elemental powers (water, wind, earth, fire) to protect their families, their land, their god, and all of humanity. It is a pretty tall order to heap on anyone’s shoulders but these women carry it with grace. Having elemental powers to go with their duties rocks out loud and certainly helps with kicking bad guy butt. Not to mention that you get a wicked cool hummingbird tattoo placed on your body to help you find demons and your spirit mate. These ladies are set to rock and roll!

In OUT OF THE SHADOWS, Carolina is a feisty woman who doesn’t let a demon or a sexy shadow warrior deviate her from her path. She has the power of water. The ability to calm, nurture and cultivate. She is a woman with the element of water is a fluid creature who goes with the flow and finds grace under pressure but do not be fooled by her cool attitude. She can be destructive and when she is raging can destroy everything her path. She can meander around a problem or run a hole right through it. 

Carolina is determined to wipe away any scourge from her land, washing it clean and making sure that her family is protected.

If you could wield an elemental power, which would it be? Water, fire, earth or wind?

Now for the Excerpt:
Copyright © 2011 Gabriella Hewitt
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication
The ache in his soul grew with each step.
His muscles bunched and released as his legs chewed up the distance. He barely felt the scorching desert sand beneath the pads of his paws. His canine nose held the scent of the enemy, unerringly tracking the demon through the sweltering heat and vast expanse of the Arizona desert.

Buried deep inside, Tomás let his wolf spirit take control. His animal spirit loved the chase, relished the moments when it was set free.

A demon had taken possession of a human’s body and had perpetrated ever-increasing horrors on unsuspecting mortals until his actions had caught the attention of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec sun god. Tomás had been ordered to take down the demon and drag him back to the netherworld. After that, he would scout out this piece of land to determine why demons kept targeting it.

Basically, another mission that would play out like all the others—assuming he survived.

His wolf suddenly halted, head up, body alert. Tomás sought the link between man and beast to determine what had caught the animal’s attention.

A scent flowed in, light and crisp, like the air after a rain shower. It overrode the demon’s acrid, sulfuric smell.

Tomás forced his wolf spirit to pivot, employing all his senses to lock on to the elusive scent.
His heart stuttered. Could it possibly be? Was his spirit mate finally within reach?

Alarmed, his wolf spirit tried to call to him, to take control and order him to resume the chase. Tomás ignored the wolf, his entire focus bent on locating the source of that scent. It called to him in a way he couldn’t define, other than it touched a part of his soul he’d long thought dead. His head whipped left, right, his nostrils flaring, inhaling the odors of the desert. He could feel his wolf pulling at him, determined that they continue on to take down the demon. It was their primary mission.

At least it had been until that scent caught his attention. Hope flared within Tomás. A spirit mate would be his salvation.

His wolf growled, making its feelings clear. His human spirit struggled to override the animal spirit, a battle within one body between two powerful wills.

Was it happening? Had he finally lost the fight just when his spirit mate was so close? Would he spend the rest of eternity lost within the form of his wolf, his humanity subordinate to the will of the beast?

A harsh, painful cry erupted from within Tomás.
His wolf echoed the sound with a long howl.

His warrior’s heart beat strong, his determination resolute. Tomás gave one final tug, applying all his willpower, and then they were running flat-out, heading towards the vast unknown and an uncertain fate.


  1. Hi and thank you so much for having me on today. I am super excited to see which element you might be.

    Me I am fire. I'm hot tempered and can burn down the house but eventually I burn out:)

  2. What an awesome trailer, I got goose bimbles just watching it. Out of the Shadows is definitely going on the wishlist. Thank you for sharing with us today.