Sep 16, 2011

{Excerpt +Giveaway} Author Elizabeth Kolodziejs Last Witch Sieres

I'm happy to introduce everyone to Author Elizabeth Kolodziej's Last Witch series. Below are sneak peeks into the first two books. Plus to one lucky winner Elizabeth is giving away both books plus some swag goodies! How awesome is that!

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Excerpt From Vampyre Kisses:
As we moved deeper into the dwelling, we found a table in a corner and started looking around for good prey. Maybe find a snack and then find a human to take to the Master. With Collin it is always work and no fun this time of the year, but I needed to have fun.

I felt eyes staring at me and turned to find a woman looking at me from across the room. I gave her a smile and walked over. I gazed into her emerald eyes and offered her my hand to take; she did, and I led her to the dance floor. As we danced, I ran my hands up and down her back. Brown hair fell over her eyes and she abruptly pulled it back. She had a strong mind. Something about this human was different; I couldn’t get her to completely become mine. I turned her around and put her back against my chest and my hands around her waist. I smelled her hair to get her scent, trying to figure out if she was different or not. She smelled different, but she was human… I assumed.

A man interrupted us, whom I believed was a friend of hers. He was tall and had the dirty blonde hair of so many men these days. I always wished I could try a new look, but it never seemed to work for me.

Why, when I am working, do I always get interference from everyone? She came back a minute later, and we decided to catch our breath. After getting some drinks at the bar, we found a table. Why do I even bother getting human liquor since I cannot be affected by it? I thought, laughing in my head.

She sat on the other side of the round table, her legs crossed. “What’s your name?” she asked, giving me a slight smile—the kind of smile whose beauty can’t hide her interest in dissecting me.

“Trent,” I replied. “And you?”

“Faith. You’re Irish?” She was not as smart as I gave her credit for—or maybe she didn’t know what to say. Humans.

“Yes. You look to have a little Irish in you yourself,” I said, humoring her.

“My father’s side,” she said, taking a sip of her margarita. I stared into her eyes, trying to get inside her mind. It seemed as if there was a block of some kind, a protection. I knew now there was definitely something unusual about her; whether she knew it or not, I was not certain.

The conversation was dying so I had to pick it up. “Why Faith?”

She raised her eyebrows. “What?”

I leaned in closer. “Your name, it’s unusual. Why did your parents name you Faith?”

She smiled and nodded to signal that she understood. “My father named me. I had asked him the same question once, but all he would say was, ‘I have faith in you to make a change, and you will bring faith to others to help make that change.’ I never understood it.” Her voice held the high frequency sweetness of innocence. I loved it. I watched as she took another sip, slowly licking the liquid from her plump lips after taking the glass away from her mouth.

This woman was starting to raise my curiosity. “That is a very odd thing to say.”

Taking my attention away was Collin, tapping me on the shoulder and intruding on my mind as he told me he needed to speak. I could never get used to the whole mind-to-mind thing. I looked at her and said, “One moment.” As I got up, I straightened out my shirt and followed Collin.

“Not her.” Two simple words, but I didn’t understand them.

I became very interested. “Why?” I truly didn’t know, but I wanted to know.

“Just trust me, Trent. You do not want to take her to the Master.” He glanced at Faith, and then his brown eyes locked back on mine.

I still did not get it. What did he see that I didn’t? “Tell me what it is about her. I feel something, but I do not know what it is.” I could see Collin was getting nervous, which was unusual for him.

“Look, when you are as old as me you will understand.” Collin was my sire and mentor, along with being several hundred years older than me. “Just let her go and find another, got it?”

I felt my face harden. “No.”

Collin’s eyes squinted, and his lips pinched. “We are leaving. Now,” he said in the strong, commanding voice he used when pissed about something. Since I had traveled with him so long, it did not affect me much anymore.

I closed my eyes and let out a sigh. “Fine.” It was not worth the hassle to fight with Collin. I turned and went back to the table. “I have to go,” I told Faith.

“Can I have your number?” she asked, flashing one of those flirty smiles at me. Perfect white teeth gleamed in the light. Impressive.
Vampires never put their actual names on paper, including bills. “I don’t have a phone right now. Do not worry. I will see you again.” I knew that would keep her up all night, pondering how I would find her, but I did not care. Even if Collin said I could not see her, I would; I just had to find out what exactly was so forbidden about her.

Werewolf Descent Excerpt:

Water trickled down Circe’s red abundant locks, hitting the floor with a sound like two marbles when they hit. The room was silent; for once there was no laughter coming from giggling girls aiding to Aphrodite’s needs. Circe was in a room overwhelmed with pink roses and red orchids, purple satin sheets hanging from the ceiling, and a heart-shaped bubble bath filled with rose petals waiting for their mistress’s return.

The robe hanging on Circe’s body clung against her small figure. She stood with both hands grasping the edge of the small two-tier fountain in the corner of the room. The water was a sensual green that smelled of dandelions and lavender. She wet her lips with her tongue, her purple eyes a deeper shade than usual. Circe slowly, yet casually, lifted her right hand and pointed out her little finger. She let it lightly touch the water before her, making swirls on the water.

The sound of water dripping became louder in the large room held up by pillars, with a gold pattern encircling the top and bottom. The steps from the fountain led back to the door she’d come in from, but that was not the plan. Circe had to look into the water and see her exquisite Faith with her true love, Trent. Looking through this fountain was different from looking through her own due to Aphrodite being the goddess of love, the bond of love that Faith and Trent had could only be shown through Aphrodite’s fountain.

She wanted to know if it was strong enough to last the years they would spendtogether. As she stared down at Faith, her young witch, her ear twitched and her focus was broken. Her head jerked up and she stared at the ever-so-clean white wall before her. Knowing Aphrodite was behind her, she did not want to move. Her body stiffened at the thought of being caught, enraging a daughter of Zeus, someone so close to him.

Circe could not fathom why Aphrodite had not yet spoken. She is behind me, is she not? I can feel her energy pressing me as I stand here.

Behind her, Aphrodite stared at the goddess of witches, curiosity plaguing her mind. She didn’t know what type of emotion she should feel. Looking into another god’s fountain without their permission and supervision was not allowed. Nor could she fathom why Circe would be interested in her fountain at all.

What exactly is she trying to find out? Aphrodite thought.

“Are you going to turn around and face me? Or do you think by not seeing me that I will not see you?” A smirk touched Aphrodite’s face.

Circe willed her body to move, and ever so gradually she made herself face the goddess of love. Purple eyes met those of pinkish hue. With long manicured fingers, Aphrodite tousled her thick, long blond hair and began to walk toward her bed only several feet from the fountain.

The king-size bed hung in the air, but it did not have wires attached to keep it there. Luxuriant, soft pillows were adorned with pale gold squares, and lavender sheets lay on the mattress. A fluffy, down-filled blanket lay perfectly over the mattress. Aphrodite grabbed her satin cherry skirt and pulled it out as she sat down. A corset made with the finest fairy silk and whalebone clung to her chest, accentuating her ample breasts.

“Come and sit by me,” the goddess commanded of Circe. Aphrodite was the elder of the two and therefore had the authority to make Circe do, as she wanted, up to a point.

Circe moved forward carefully, unsure of what Aphrodite would do to her. She made her way up the steps and, to show respect to the elder goddess, sat by her feet.

Aphrodite’s lightly colored eyebrows were completely relaxed, showing no anger at all. Her perfectly symmetrical oval face lowered to meet Circe’s eyes. “Now then, what exactly are you doing?” Her voice was whimsical and bright—not a hint of condescension could be heard.

With a look of admiration for the ever understanding Aphrodite, Circe began to explain. “I needed to look through your fountain to see Trent and Faith.”

“Is yours broken?” a quick breath of air left her lips, the laughter showing behind her bright eyes.

Circe lowered her head. “No,” she said, tight-lipped.

“Then why would you need to use mine?”

“I needed to see the bond of love between the two of them.” She lifted her head up, purple eyes pleading for understanding.

Aphrodite placed a soft hand on Circe ’s head and began to play with a lock of damp hair. “Why did you not ask me?”

Circe searched her mind for an answer but could not find a lie that would do. The truth was best when speaking to the goddess of love, who normally understood unless rubbed the wrong way. “I needed to see how difficult it would be to break the two of them apart.” Her voice became slightly bitter as she explained her reasoning.

Aphrodite’s fingers stopped playing with the strand. She pulled her hand away;

her nails dug into her palms as she made fists. Her mouth tight and narrow, she asked, “Why would you want to do that?”

Circe saw the other side of Aphrodite beginning to come out, the side filled with fury when a pair of her lovers was threatened by an outside source. Circe quickly got to her feet, all love and admiration for Aphrodite fleeing her body, being replaced with anger and frustration.

“You do not understand what staying with Trent will do to Faith!” Circe raised her voice as her feet stood steady on the top step; she hovered over the other goddess.

Meeting Circe’s eyes, Aphrodite flew to her feet. “What in the world are you talking about? Did you not see the bond between them? The love that they have is stronger than even Cupid and Psyche!” Aphrodite crossed her arms over her chest.

Circe harrumphed and turned to walk down the stairs. Aphrodite was right on her flank. When Circe turned it took Aphrodite by surprise, almost causing the two to ram into each other. “Trent cannot give Faith what the mortal world needs!” Her fiery eyebrows scrunched down and wrinkles lined her forehead.

Slowly, the goddess of love backed up a few steps, a look of disbelief and irritation on her face. “You want to break apart a love like theirs for your own selfish gain?” It was only half a question; the other half was fact.

“It is not for selfish gain.” Her voice began to lower, she couldn’t stand looking into her eyes, the tiled floor drew her attention away from Aphrodite’s eyes.

A look of understanding washed over Aphrodite’s face, causing her anger to subside for the moment. “You are the goddess of witches, without witches in the world there is no purpose for you. You waited a long time for Faith—patiently.” Her voice changed and became sterner as she continued, “But wanting to cause a rift between the two so there can be more witches in the world is just absurd and selfish.”

“It is not!” Circe’s maroon robe swung with her body as she stood up straight, narrowing her eyes at Aphrodite’s. An aura of deep purple started to form around Circe’s body, showing that her emotions were growing stronger.

“Yes it is!” As her own aura turned a deep red, Aphrodite met Circe’s anger with her own.

Circe turned and started to pace the large room; the sound of her feet slapping against the tile was loud in the hush between the two goddesses. Circe stopped for a moment, holding up her palms. “You must understand what pain this will cause Faith for the rest of her life.”

Curiosity overcame Aphrodite. “What are you talking about?”

A sigh fell over Circe. “A witch is filled with the urge to procreate. Witches, despite what many may think, are natural-born parents, whether male or female. Every witch that has ever lived has wanted to have children. Faith will go mad if she cannot let her witch line be passed down to a child of her own.”

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