Jul 1, 2011

{Review} A Warriors Witch by Stacey Kennedy

A Warrior's Witch (An Otheworld Romance)A Warrior's Witch by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE:  Paranormal Romance
THEME: Vampires/Magic/Wolves
RECEIVED: Received for Review from Author
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I have to say every time I read one of Stacey Kennedy’s novels I get as giddy as a schoolgirl. I love her writing and characters so much and I never can put them down till I hit the last page.  Kennedy has created such fantastic stories with her Underworld, Otherworld, and Werewolves stories that I was really excited to be asked to review her newest series focused on the Otherworld.  A Warrior’s Witch mention a bit of characters from her previous series but it’s a stand alone from the rest.  And let me tell you this is a hot and action packed read!

Talon and Zia are Masters of certain powers, Zia is a Master of Witches and Talon a Master of the Guardians.  Both extremely powerful they are focused on their jobs as masters and living the hard life of protecting and fighting.  That is until Talon find out about the death of someone close to him and his mission to find her killer leads him in a personal vendetta. Along with “his” Witch Zia, they try and solve the mystery behind this fellow guardians death. With the trail leading them into a world of BDSM and Supernatural’s being controlled against their will, they are pulled further into danger.

Talon is a strong male character, but has a huge weight on his shoulders from a past decision. He is devoted to his work but always has his Witch and powerful Master as his partner and lover by his side. Zia is a strong and loving woman who has a very innocent soul. She cares extremely for Talon and would do anything and everything for him as he would her. But they have always put work first.

I liked that both characters were challenged with learning about each other, themselves and those who they care most for. The world they live in is dangerous and they always have to face hard choices. The plot had me on my toes unsure what danger or mysterious

Overall great story and characters, as always Stacey blows me away with how she can engulf a reader into her worlds. I really enjoy her writing style and the characters she creates, I can’t wait to read more of her work.

This is adult book and contains some sexual content; fans of the adventures in Katie MacAlister and Nalini Singh’s writing will love Stacey Kennedy’s A Warriors Witch.

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