Jul 1, 2011

RAK for June Wrapup

R.A.K. or Random Acts of Kindness is an event hosted by Book Soulmates where people kindly gift books to others. Each month, there is a sign up and people post their wish list. Others can then go in and peruse the wish lists and choose to gift someone with a book on their list.

This was my first time trying RAK even though I was super busy with graduation, portfolio show, moving into a new apartment and traveling that I didn't get to send any out, I will be sending out books for July to make up for June :)

I Received: 

Torment (Fallen, #2)

From the wonderful Ashley from : Bookaholics Anonymous Online

Ashley, you are fantastic! Thank you so much for the book chats and goodies you sent along with Torment. I appreciate it so much!

For more info, check out R.A.K.'s info post and sign up at Book Soulmates.

I hope everyone enjoyed their June and has an even better July!


  1. Nice! I participated for the first time this month and it was a lot of fun!

  2. I love RAK! Best feature EVER!!!! I am surprised that since I started it that I have recieved a book everytime. I always think no way will I get a book again, but I do. I really need to sent out some though b/c I am so thankful for the ones I got. I wanna spread the love too =DDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. That's awesome! I just signed up for my first time for July and I think it is a super neat idea...

  4. Welcome. I enjoy the chats to we should do it more often. enjoy the book. :)