May 16, 2011

{Review & Giveaway} of Spirit Storm by E.J. Stevens

Spirit Storm (Spirit Guide, #2)Spirit Storm by E.J. Stevens

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
GENRE: YA Paranormal Romance
THEME: Ghost, Werewolves and Magic
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"Let the spirits guide you, but never let them take you."

Spirits of the Dead are coming...

Yuki is about to face an army of lost souls on Samhain, the night of Halloween, when the spirits of the dead roam free. Yuki will need all the help she can get from her friends, but will Calvin be there for her when she needs him the most?

The second in the Spirit Guide series, Spirit Storm just stole my heart with the storyline. I enjoyed this one better than She Smells the Dead because the plot in this one was fantastic and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Spirit Storm picks up right where the 1st book left off and starts off with a bang in the beginning, Yuki is about to steal something from some witches…what? Yep, the spunky little goth girl might be getting herself into some trouble!

*Contains slight Spoilers from Book 1 beyond this point*

Someone is killing innocents and not just the normal kind of innocents; they are members of Calvin’s pack. Yuki and the gang jump into action to solve who is killing the wolves and why, but they have another problem with Halloween coming up the means spirits will follow. Meaning Yuki has to prepare herself for the dead start walking the land.

I loved the gang this time around Emma is forever one of my favorites because her snarky comebacks and bickering with Simon crack me up. Not to mention how much I love Simon, I’m so curious about him now that I know more about his past. I might be wrong but I really felt that in this book Simon and Emma’s tension was heading towards being more the frenemies, a possible romance later in the series?? Ha ha that might just be my wishful thinking.

The relationship with Calvin and Yuki develops wonderfully in this book, adding bits of tension and worry for the adorable couple. I enjoy that they are still learning about their connection to each other and that Stevens is taking her time with letting her characters explore their abilities more and learn from each other. I’m so very interested on how much more powerful Yuki can get or if she will get more powerful.

The plot was really what drew me into this book till the last page, I don’t want to give away too much but I loved the twist and turns that occurred. My emotions changed with each scene from surprise, worry, excitement and laughing. This book just had so much that I loved.

I cant wait to see what’s next for this group and what challenges they will have to face. I highly recommend this series for its humor, mystery, definitely the romance and the characters are just awesome!

This is a Young Adult novel suited for any age. Fans of Rachel Hawkins A Hex Hall Series and Lauren Kate’s Fallen Series will love this!

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