May 15, 2011

{Review} An Everlasting Bite by Stacey Kennedy

An Everlasting Bite (The Blue Bloods, #1)
An Everlasting Bite by Stacey Kennedy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Paranormal Romance
THEME: Werewolves
AUTHOR: Stacey Kennedys Blog
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Love is born between strangers, yet built upon a bond soul deep―one Alpha’s vow to protect his mate from looming danger, all the while, mending her soul and stirring her wolfish desires. 
A vicious Werewolf attack in Plymouth, Minnesota leaves a young woman violated, bitten and now, transformed into a Werewolf. But Rynn Murphy doesn’t have to face this transformation alone—she has her mate by her side. And the charming Briggs is eager to ease her into this new life and mend her battered soul. 
With only weeks to adjust to her new fur, Rynn begins to understand what it truly means to be mated to the Beta, secondhand man to Valor, Patriarch of Wolves. Their leadership over the Alphas brings them in contact with the Montana Alpha, Hendrix. He is in a desperate state to find his abducted daughter. Valor and Briggs agree to give aid in her rescue leaving Rynn to tag along. 
But this mission is not without danger. And soon, they discover the ones who have taken this young wolf do not want her found and will stop at nothing to keep her hidden. Or so it may seem, as bodies begin to drop around them, the murderous attempts start to appear more as a hit than a smoke screen—leaving only one question, who is the intended target…

An Everlasting Bite is my first and definitely not last book of author Stacey Kennedy. Where have I been, that I hadn’t read one of her books? Shame on me! Anyways, I loved this new series that is actually a spinoff to one of her others that I need to get reading.

Rynn is a young woman who was attacked and violated by a werewolf and now has become one herself. Luckily a mate has been chosen for her and is by her side every second as she recovers from the trauma. Briggs is the Beta to the head honcho of all the werewolves; he’s sweet, protective and will do anything for his Rynn.

With only weeks to recover she goes with Briggs to a pack meeting, where she ends up help another Alpha find his missing daughter. But as they seem to get closer to finding her more wolves start dying and now the packs are wondering who the real target is.

I loved the packs, characters, romance and just well, everything! Rynn is such a great lead, having to put aside her trauma to help find this girl. Plus she has to deal with being the only human turned wolf in a really long time, making other wolves in the pack unsure about her.

The romance between Briggs and Rynn is just amazing and so passionate it made me squee like a teen. I loved their relationship and how Briggs handles her struggles and past with such kindness, even though he’s a tough and extremely protective guy.

Overall great action, mystery, romance, and I couldn’t get enough of all the characters. I really enjoyed Kennedy's writing style and pace of this book, it really puled me in. I hope in the future I can read more about Dante the son of the head of all the packs; he just seemed so tall, dark and dangerous. Book two is out now, so get reading on this new series, I highly recommend it!

This is an adult book with kick butt action and sexual content. Fans of Molly Harper and Patricia Briggs werewolf stories with love this!

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  1. I haven't read anything by her either.. haven't even heard the name. Great review though will have to look into it.

  2. This sounds great! Thanks for the review, I had never heard of this author so I will have to look into her other series!

  3. I like this,,,,,it sounds great,,,nice review...will be checking it out...
    thanks for sharing