May 6, 2011

{News} Free Comic Book Day! Booya!

It's like christmas for someone like me who has been collecting a reading comic books all my life. I may not look like a comic nerd but I sooo am :) I just wanted to get everyone one else excited with me because our favorite books are turning into comic lately and we should all get excited!!

Starting Sat. May 6th

Tomorrow is the 10th annual Free Comic Book Day, when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comics to everyone who enters their stores. 

Brian Hibbs, owner of Comix Experience, San Francisco, Calif., told USA Today, "Free Comic Book Day is the greatest day of the year, without a doubt. To see so many smiling faces coming in and picking up comics and being happy, it's an awesome thing."

Hibbs added that "80 to 90%" of the faces he sees on Free Comic Book Day are not his regulars, but "what happens, though, is it creates a positive image of comics and our comic shops in their minds. So the next time they're looking for a comic, they're much more likely to come back here than go someplace else."

Resource Link : Shelf Awareness

Thought Id support free comic book day with an image from one of my favorite book series turned into a comic book. Anita Blake!

mmm Jean Claude is looking good over there on the left lol. And Anita as always is look angry, got to love it!

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