Mar 5, 2011

Series Saturday and Review Accidentally Catty

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The Series

The Outcast Series by Rachel Caine

Undone Unknown Unseen

Once she was Cassiel, a Djinn of extreme power. Now, after being punished by her master she has been reshaped in human flesh and living among the Weather Wardens, without getting help from them and tapping into their powers, she could die. And as she cops with the emotions and frailties of her human condition, a malevolent entity threatens her new existence.

Why did I pick them?

I'm a huge fan of the Weather Warden Series so I really wanted to read more about this world that Rachel Caine created.
The series lead female character Cassiel is a touch don't mess with me woman, who is learning how to be a "real" woman. It has been interesting to watch her character develop and learn about humans and emotions.
Luis Rocha (Earth Warden) I love his character, he is the first and real emotional link for Cassiel and she starts to feel a lot more for him through out the series. He is a strong male character that is very protective of his family, especially his niece whom Cassiel is also protective of.
Overall there is a lot of action, crazy weather, djinn and great character building in all the books so far. I highly recommend if you have read this or the weather warden series by Rachel Caine that you start now!
UNBROKEN is going to be the 4th installment no date has been given.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Accidentally Catty brings the whole gang back together, meaning Marty, Wanda, Nina, Casey and now introducing Katie. Katie is a Vet in a small town, where she encounters a large "cat" on her porch one morning. Little does she know that this "cat" is a were-cougar, while trying to help the injured "cat" Katie gets scratch and starts feeling odd and sickly almost instantly. This is where OOPS comes in to save the day " Out in the Open Paranormal Support" where the girls try to help anyone with paranormal issues. Katie has to deal with her near change and paw, an young were-cougar who doesn’t know who he is or even that he is a were-cougar, the ever so bickering group of paranormal girls, and much much more.

I really liked this book, but only when I further into the book and it started to concentrate more on Katie and her guys Shaw. The chemistry between the two has to be my second favorite in the series Next to Marty and her man. The pages were on fire in their intimate scenes together and the description of Shaw is smoking! I would like to find a were-cougar sleeping on my front door. But as I said the beginning was really difficult for me to get through because it was all over the place. What made it hard to read was the conversation going from one girl to the next and their insanely different personalities just jumbled together.

After we get through the first half the real plot thickens and gets really interesting with some wonderful surprises along the way. I just wish it was like that all the way through and not just the last half, cause I really wanted to love this book.

My favorite quote in the book was with the CRAZY Nina and her tweeting for OOPS. She was getting angry with people calling them fake and of course that mouth of hers goes off. Here is a piece of that part:

" livesbythesea@OOPS Do you sparkle like the vampires in Twilight?

OOPS@livesbythesea I only sparkle when I'm getting ready to kill and A##hole"

And it only gets better but I don’t want to ruin it. Overall I like this series so I’m hoping for some more in the future and from the ending it seems to hint at the next girl in the craziness of tis bunch.

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