Mar 6, 2011

Iron Crowned Review + Giveaway

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eugenie is a Shaman for hire in her world and "normal" human life. But she is also the Thorn Queen in the Otherworld where gentry exist in the most interesting fashion. The third book in the Dark Swan series has Eugenie searching for an artifact called the Iron Crow, with this she is told she can stop the war and be the most feared gentry let alone most powerful. Her trust in both Dorian the Oak King and Kiyo her ex boyfriend and shape shifter changing at every point, she has a lot to handle.

WOW... I have to say I have been lost for words after finishing this book, the ending just shocked me into the otherworld if that really existed. Eugenie has always been a top favorite of mine as a female lead; she really has a lot on her plate and handles so much being thrown at her pretty well. She does make mistakes and does her best to help others, but she’s true to whom she is and its really told in this book.

Dorian in this book made me happy, angry and surprised at every point in the book and in that order. He's a tough one to figure out and I never know if he is doing things for himself or because he wants to protect Eugenie and the kingdoms.

Kiyo well...dang. I don’t know about this guy anymore. I loved him and then despised him in the end. Without giving out the ending I was just shocked at how he handled everything and didn’t understand Eugenie.
The story was brilliantly written and the pace never slowed down for me, I really was excited through each page. Eugenie went through a lot in this book her sister jasmine became a new favorite of mine in the series, she really stood by her sister and grew up. The scenes with Dorian and Eugenie were hot as always and I have no idea how I woman can resist a man like that. Same with Kiyo he was hot and aggressive but in the end sometimes the person you think you know, you really don’t.
Overall loved it!! I was sad that it ended and boy what an ending it was, it was the first semi cliffhanger I didn’t mind and now I can’t wait for the next book!

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