Mar 17, 2008

Quick Review

Sorry for the lack of reviews I have read so much but I needed to do the new Kim Harrison book for Rachel Morgan.


The Outlaw Demon Wails
The title is not fooling you but mentioning Demons cause this book is full of them. So that means....Al is back. He is on the loose again and not giving up on claiming Rachel for putting him in the demon prison. But that's not even the start, the lose of her lover Kisten is another problem she has to deal with and finding out the killer takes a toll on her life.

Not to mention the Mr. I think I am wonderful Trent pops back in and asks Rachel a favor for Quen. Little does she know that it has to do a lot with her good friend Ceri and Demons.

Ivy and Jenks are of course back as well, Jenks filling the book with his perfect come backs and attitude. Ivy and Rachel finally come to an understanding about the blood lust. FINALLY!

This book goes way deep into Rachel's past about her mother, FATHERS, and the darkness that's hidden below. She finds out what Trent's father did to her DNA and is she really a witch?

Can't forget the witch Marshal (the witch from Mackinaw Island) comes to visit and is a possible new love interest. But this book doest have a love stuff, just the sad lose of a loved one. So your in for one hell of a rid with lots of Demons.

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  1. Kim Harrison has an amazing imagination. I love her whole theory based on ketchup and humans and her characters are so exciting. I love the smaller stories she writes for the anthology books. It helps to understand the side characters better, though I haven't had a chance to catch up on all my reading yet.

    I'm in Cali too. What do you think about this weather? One day its so wonderfully warm and then the next it's a little chilly and dark.