Apr 29, 2008

One powerful Necromancer and a Demon

Dante is a licenced Necromancer she has a short temper and can kick you to the ground in a second. But nothing prepared her for a morning wake up call from a demon, who wants to bring her to hell.

Dante is assigned by the devil himself to find a demon on the loose. His name is Santino and the only reason Dante agree besides his threat to kill her is that Santino killed her best friend along time ago. So she accepts and has to fight for her life while trying to hunt him down.

But she can't fight alone so the wonderful Lucifer gives Dante a familiar which is unheard of for a necromancer to have. That Demon is Japhrimel(Jaf), a cold unemotional winged killer.

She unwillingly brings along on the hunt her two only friends and her ex-lover Jace who is a Shaman.So the story begins...

Will Dante find Santino and destroy him for the devil?

Who is Japhrimel really?

and what is her ex-lover Jace hiding?

This is a must read series I am up to book four and loving it.

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