Feb 26, 2008

Fire + Study = Awesome !

Fire Study By Maria V Snyder
Okay so I have a million book series obsessions but Maria Snyder is one of my top authors of my book favorites. Her Series follows the hard life of A young girl names Yelena who find her self starting out as a food taster for a commander of a country, the dealing with magic and finding out you have a family out there. Not to mention being a target all the time because you possess power and a smart attitude. I can't forget her dark and kick but guy that protects her Valek. Lets just say hes a whole lot of mystery. The whole series is action packed and really minimal on the romance.

Fire Study is the third book in the series and it just as good as the others. All the characters are back and you'll be introduced to darker characters, kick butt talking horses, and lots of FIRE ( and I do mean real Fire). So if your a fan of magic, good fighting scenes, and a smart taking magical girl this series is if you!


  1. Lovely, thank you for the refernce. Might read it someday. Time issues you know.

  2. That's a really nice review. I'll have to see about getting a copy. I'm trying to budget myself, I realized I spend all my money on books, which isn't a bad thing, but I'm running out of room and it makes it very difficult getting around in a room that has books stacked up on the floor.