Feb 13, 2008

Long Day

So I am in the middle of reading the third series of Jennifer Rardins Jaz Parks novels ( Biting the Bullet) . OMG sooo good who doesnt love a girl kicking butt along side with her awesome vampire partner, along with saving people and funny comments. Anyways Ill write a review on it when I am finished, but if you havent started the series I recommended you start today!

So anyways today is such a crazy day, I am trying to finish up my portfolio to send out next week to my tranfer college. I have to print out so many test pages to get the right coloring, its making me crazy. The I tutored for a photoshop class at school and well thats always interesting with some of the student questions. haha. I guess I am just nervous on hoping I can get into my school I already have one degree, so heres hoping I can get my BA there.

Plus I can't wait for this years Comic Con, counting down the days till JUly...ahh so far away but at least I got my passes and he best hotel which is right next to the convention center. Yesterday I needed my fix for comics so I bough the latest volume for the darkness and witchblade series, plus picked up my NEW favorite based on the my favorite series Anita Blake.

well I am done blabbing Ill post the review soon and now have to do more printing!

Plus here is a little example of some of my art work enjoy!

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  1. Vampires are fun and you can do a lot of things with them to make a story interesting. That is why they survived in fiction for so long.

    Anyways I wish luck getting a BA. I am soon to apply in Europe for a BA myself in either Marketing, Management or Tourism.