Feb 11, 2008

Mine to Possess

Okay I have to admit I am not a huge romance fan, but good characters, and a science fiction plot, Ill read it.

Mine to Possess was recommended on Gena Showalter's blog and a little description caught my eye. I have a huge soft spot for bad boys, but who doesn't.

Talin had a horrible upbringing, especially when her adopted parents were killing some of the children they took in. Her best friend Clay was always very protective of her and his temper was never the best to bring on. But when Talin step father tried to her her AGAIN, Clay lost it and killed him in front of her, Clay wasn't just a tough young boy but half leopard.

Years later after Talin disappeared from Clays life she appeared again needing help with missing children. Clay being her only hope, has to deal with what happened in the past, plus the love that they still have for each other.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Not exactly my thing this sci-fi note, but well if it's well writen I can expand my tastes. Thank you for keeping us informed.