Feb 7, 2008

Succubus On Top

If you haven't read the first of the series Succubus Blues..Please get it soon its a must have.

Georgina was a mortal once upon a time, now after agreeing with the Dark Mother Lilith she became a Succubus. A woman who take the soul and energy from the men she's with, usually men she doesn't care about. It also keeps her alive.

As in the first book all the fun characters are back with another dark mystery to solve. Georgina's work friend Doug starts acting not like himself, but the plus side it that is band has a new member and there music keeps getting better and better. She starts suspecting this new guy after she catches him possibly drugging another friend. She asks her boss and her very entertaining friends(plus the very cute angel) for help with finding out whats wrong with him. While struggling with this an old friends comes into town, Bastien an Incubus just the opposite of her. Making more troubles worse her now boyfriend and famous writer Seth tries to keep there relationship a not touching one, because if the temptation arises Georgina might suck the life out of the only man who loves her for who she is.

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  1. Sounds amazing and I love succubus monsters, so count me in! Thanks for informing me in on this.