Jan 31, 2008

Dangerous Games

Yes, another author addiction Keri Arthur is so damn good it scares me. I just finished fourth book Dangerous Games. Riley is at the top of my list as favorite female characters. She has the attitude of me being sarcastic and bitchy, but hey them men in her life love it. Plus I love the way she bitches to Sal aka the cow! haha gotta love Arthur for making me laugh at those bits. Once again Riley is in some deep trouble with not it seems demons and a three headed dragon? Yep totally true. She has to also survive the new temptation of a guy named Jin who has a very closer connection to her old enemy Gautier. Plus Quinn isn't making her job any easy when he so called "wants to protect her" while locking her up in his house. At least her lovely alpha Kellen is there to comfort her.

Another 5 stars, I have been picking up some darn good books lately, now I am off to read the next.

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  1. Lovely! I have to find those books! Yes, I must! Nice review.