Jul 14, 2020

{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} The Player's Game by Alice Gaines

by Alice Gaines
A Players’ Pact Novel
Publication Date: July 13, 2020
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Indulgence, Contemporary, Romance, Second Chance, Reunited Lovers

The Player's Game by Alice Gaines
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
GENRE: Contemporary Ramance
THEME: Second Chances
The Player's Game
The Player's Game
by Alice Gaines

3.66 · 50 Ratings · 49 Reviews


I’ve got to admit, life is sweet these days. As a starting NFL quarterback, I do okay, and I haven’t been lacking for female companionship. But I’d give it all up in a heartbeat if I could get back the woman I loved and lost—my ex-wife, Katy.

Now I’m at a wedding, watching one of my best friends tie the knot. I’m happy for him—really. I just wish things had turned out better when I’d taken that walk down the aisle. Still, those days are over.

I’m on my way up to my room when I run into my ex in the elevator. It’s like karma. Has to be. Only she’s with some random guy, who’s getting a little too handsy for my liking. I can’t help myself—I have to say something. Something that ruins her night…and mine, too.

Now, I’m sitting alone in my hotel room, when suddenly, Katy’s at my door, complaining that I ruined her 30th birthday. Her solution—that I give her the night of sexual adventure I’d derailed in the elevator.

I never was very good at saying no to her…


I love second chance stories and even more so with a sports theme. I've been really diving into the sports romances lately and this one caught my attention and also I love finding new to me authors.

The Player's Game follows Grant, who comes face to face with his ex wife Katy in an elevator at a hotel. Both have dates but Grant being the protective alpha male and still having a soft spot for his ex ruins the night for both of them. Katy takes it upon herself to make her birthday night, which Gran ruined, into something. She asks him for one night together, like old times, but neither are prepared for their reconnection and what follows.

I really enjoy reading about two people who should never of broken up come to terms with the fact they parted way half hartedly. They loved each other and this was their chance to mend the wounds. But the old wounds have a lot of healing and this is what I loved about this story, was watching them hash through them.

The hardest part for me was character development. I love smoking hot sex scenes and this book hands down has some fantastic fan yourself scenes. But for me I needed more backstory, I needed more insight on who they were as people. I couldnt connect to either fully and Katy to me was hard to like, to me she felt selfish. Grant was a big winner for me in the sense I felt he was sadly the one who was hurt the most from their divorce, he has a soft protective heart and I felt for him through the book. In the end Grant was who I rooted for a happy ending for, he wanted family and he loved children, overall he won me over.

In the end I enjoyed this story, it was a quick read and as I mentioned I love seeing two people truely meant for each other try and fix what broke. I look forward to reading more from this author and glad I found her stories.

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Alice Gaines lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in a fixer-upper house she never fixed up. Aside from writing and reading hot, hot romance, she loves cooking, knitting and crocheting, and her church. She has a pet corn snake named Casper. She’s insanely passionate about the funky soul band, Tower of Power.

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