Dec 1, 2017

{Review} Dirty Filthy Fix by Laurelin Paige

Dirty Filthy Fix by Laurelin Paige
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Romance, Erotica
Dirty Filthy Fix (Fixed, #5.5)
Dirty Filthy Fix (Fixed, #5.5)
Dirty Filthy Fix (Fixed, #5.5)
by Laurelin Paige
 · 570 Ratings · 244 Reviews

I like sex. Kinky sex. The kinkier the better.

Every day, it’s all I think about as I serve coffee and hand out business agendas to men who have no idea I’m not the prim proper girl they think I am.

With a day job as the secretary to one of New York’s most powerful men, Hudson Pierce, I have to keep my double life quiet. As long as I do, it’s not a problem.

Enter: Nathan Sinclair. Tall, dark and handsome doesn’t come close to describing how hot he is. And that’s with his clothes on. But after a dirty, filthy rendezvous, I accept that if we ever see each other again, he’ll walk right by my desk on his way to see my boss without recognizing me.

Only, that’s not what happens. Not the first time I see him after the party. Or the next time. Or the time after that. And as much as I try to stop it, my two worlds are crashing into each other, putting my job and my reputation at risk.

And all I can think about is Nathan Sinclair.

All I can think about is getting just one more dirty, filthy fix.

This was a tough one for me, I loved the fixed series and was obsessed with Donovan and the Dirty Duet series, so I was super excited to get this spicy novella with Nathan. Its been a while since I read the fixed series, so Trisha wasn’t as fresh on my brain as Nathan.

I love Laurelin Paige’s writing, she knows her character and really pulls you into her world, I’m still slightly suck in the Dirty Duet world.

This novella follows Trisha, Hudson’s assistant, who enjoys attending parties that fulfill all her sexual fantasies. She has strict rules that she never breaks: wearing a mask, never going home with anyone and never has sex with anyone at the events. But that all changes when she meets one of her boss’s clients which she recognizes from one of the parties, the one man she couldn’t keep her eyes off of. Now that both of then know who each of them are, their relationship turns into a whirlwind of ups and downs and test both of them in what they are looking for.

As much as I wanted to enjoy this book, I had a hard time with Trisha, I actually didn’t like her. I adored Nathan but I felt he deserved better. I got a selfish and very irritating vibe from Trisha persona and I couldn’t shake it. Which to be bummed me out because I really wanted these two to be together, but she kept doing and saying things that didn’t sit right with me. Now their relationship is anything but normal, they both are older and have enjoyed a life of not being tied down. I think I was just hoping for something more.

In the end Nathan won me over, he did a lot to compromise with Trisha, he understood where she was coming from and wanted and he never seemed like the pushy type, though he was bossy in other ways. Another tidbit I like was that this book was during the time of Donovan and Sabrina’s romance, so we got glimpses of that in this novella.

Overall I know a lot of fans of both series will love this, this is just my opinion and sadly I wished Nathan was with someone who gave him more. The kink is all here, the passion and the fanning yourself moments.

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