Mar 22, 2016

{Review} The Score by Elle Kennedy

The Score by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Romance, Mature, Sports


He knows how to score, on and off the ice

Allie Hayes is in crisis mode. With graduation looming, she still doesn’t have the first clue about what she's going to do after college. To make matters worse, she’s nursing a broken heart thanks to the end of her longtime relationship. Wild rebound sex is definitely not the solution to her problems, but gorgeous hockey star Dean Di-Laurentis is impossible to resist. Just once, though, because even if her future is uncertain, it sure as heck won’t include the king of one-night stands.

It’ll take more than flashy moves to win her over

Dean always gets what he wants. Girls, grades, girls, recognition, girls…he’s a ladies man, all right, and he’s yet to meet a woman who’s immune to his charms. Until Allie. For one night, the feisty blonde rocked his entire world—and now she wants to be friends? Nope. It’s not over until he says it’s over. Dean is in full-on pursuit, but when life-rocking changes strike, he starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to stop focusing on scoring…and shoot for love.


Off- Campus is on of my top five favorite series that’s out right now, each lead male has that special something that I adore. The couples that get together not only have off the charts chemistry but they help each other grow so much. The third book has all the sweet and spiciness of the first two but focuses on the biggest player of them all out of the guys. I wasn’t sure how this guy was going to not be the playboy he’s use to being.

The Score follows Allie Hayes who is majoring in acting, but is unsure about her next step after graduation. She is also dealing with the final straw with her now ex-boyfriend, he isnt supportive of her future and she’s done with his on and off persona. But he really isnt taking no for an answer, so luckily her best friend Hannah lets her stay her boyfriends place while their away. It also means she has to deal with Dean Di-Laurentis, the biggest playboy and flirt she’s ever met. After a drunken night, Allie tries to forget the one night stand she had with Dean, but he wants more. She wasn’t prepared for Dean to actually want something more from her, nor was he prepared for one girl to finally hook him into wanting a relationship.

Allie has always been in a relationship, after breaking it off with her long time boyfriend who just cant seem to leave her alone, she just want to get away his constant texting. I loved how she and Dean try to deal with each other, she wants him to keep her from reading her text from her ex, he just wants to get in her pants. In the end they do help each other but also awaken some smoking hot feelings neither knew they could have. I loved that Allie resisted Dean afterword’s, a first for him to deal with. She also has this sweet relationship with her father, that reminded me of my dad and I. She adores him and he wants only the best for his little girl, meaning Dean isnt the picture perfect guy he wants for her. Allie and Dean keep their connection a secret, unsure about what their friends would think.

Dean is what many would say is a typical jock, drinking and women are his main focus outside of the rink. But Allie changes everything, other woman arnt doing it for him, all he can think about is Allie. It was funny to watch Deans frustration with trying to convince Allie to give him another shot, but soon he starts to see another side of himself. He actually begins to care about her feelings, as well as seeing that he may not want to be a lawyer, which he just assumed he would do. He finds interest in helping kids with hockey and enjoying watching their growth and happiness in playing. I loved how interacted with this kiddos, so cute!

Overall this couple was definitely the wildest of the bunch, as well as made me laugh the most. Dean is a character, especially at the beginning, he enjoys his snarky sarcastic talks with Allie and Allie knows how to handle him. Both of them learn from each other what they truly want for their futures as well as trusting their feelings. I cant wait to read the next book, because the cliffhanger for Tucker, holy moly!! I have no idea how this is going to turn out!

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  1. Great review, Kristen! I just finished reading The Mistake, and I can't wait to read Dean's story. :)