Aug 12, 2015

{Review} Breathe by Kristen Ashley

Breathe by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Contemporary
THEME: Romance, Mature, Mystery


There's nothing like the first time . . .

In Carnal, Colorado, Faye Goodknight is the town's quiet, shy librarian. She may also be Carnal's last remaining virgin. For years, Faye has had a crush on Chace Keaton, but the gorgeous cop has always been unattainable. She's resigned to live contentedly with only her books for company-until Faye suddenly meets Chace alone in the woods . . .

Chace doesn't think he's the good guy everyone believes him to be. He's made a lot of choices he regrets, including denying his feelings for Faye. Through his choices, he's come to believe the pretty librarian is too good for him, but after their time in the woods, Chace realizes that she may be his last chance for redemption. Soon, their long simmering desires grow to a burning passion. Yet always casting a shadow over their happiness is Chace's dark past . . .


I swear I can read any Kristen Ashley any day everyday, The Colorado Mountain series is definitely one of my favorites of hers. Sadly I skipped book four and read five and six, I didn’t realize what I was missing. In the end you don’t need to read all of the books in this series to know whats going on, but there was a continued mystery from the pervious book that was concluded in this one.

Breathe follows Chace Keaton, who is going through a major dark period in his life. His wife whom wasn’t liked in town, nor did he love but was blackmailed into being with, was murdered. His relationship with his family is tense and connected to his manipulative wife. Now all he thinks about is why someone would murder his wife and will the murderer strike again. That’s when the sweet librarian Faye Goodknight opens up a soft spot in Chace closed off moods and brings a little happiness into his life. But when a young injured boy catches Fayes eyes and she wants to help, it set her up for danger that Chace wants to make sure she is kept safe.

Chace, like many of Kristen Ashley’s heroes has a tough past and a tough exterior. An alpha male to the max and also being a cop and hero in the town gives him some authority. But he also has such a big heart when it come to Faye, even though he tries to push her away, she sticks to him and helps him realize the good inside. Chace goes through a lot of ups and downs, the town has his back but he is targeted by a group of people that know his weakness, including Faye. It’s a constant battle for him.

Faye is the shyest and most innocent out of the women in this series, I adored her nerdy aloof persona. She loves books and anything science fiction, and actually reminded me of myself with her battlestar galactica references. She also has had a major crush on Chace, but has never really had the chance to show him that she cares and is interested. She didn’t understand what happened with his wife but believes he is a hero and someone who needs some happiness. Faye’s family and friends are her big support, including some friend from Ashley’s other series, that sneaks in there.

Overall I love the mystery that ties the couple together, the series always touches on darker and very scare subjects but makes up for it in the couples sweet connections. Ashley also introduces the next alpha male in the series, and I was happy to see a different perspective of him. Once again, kudos to Kristen Ashley for keeping me on my toes with her mystery and romance plots.

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