Aug 26, 2015

{Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway} of Beauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller

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Beauty and the Werewolf CoverBeauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
GENRE: Paranormal
THEME: Romance, Fantasy


This lone wolf falls hard...for his enemy.

Unmated werewolves don't normally live past three hundred years old...and billionaire Jack MacGrath is cutting it close. Sure, he has almost everything-the respect of his peers, a mansion in San Francisco, a private jet, and fast cars. But without a mate, Jack's in trouble. Then he sees her. Gorgeous, proud...and his enemy.

Isabelle Connelly is good at hiding things from her father. Like her success as a painter, or the incredibly intense attraction she has to Jack MacGrath. After all, she's royalty and falling for anyone lesser-to say nothing of a rival pack-would be, er, unseemly. Now she must choose between her duty to her family and her pack...or her perfect fated mate.


I turn into such a softy when it comes paranormal romances; they are definitely my kryptonite, especially if they have werewolves. This reminded me of a take on Romeo and Juliet, two people from rivaling families who falls for each other, well in this case need each other to survive. I loved the werewolf culture that Miller created, and I was able to easily step into this world without having read the first book.

Jack is the ultimate alpha, he’s over 300 years old and has the respect and money to feel accomplished. But being 300 without a mate isn’t exactly great, he’s a lone wolf and doesn’t have much time left if he doesn’t find her. I loved that he enjoyed art, a swoon worthy thing for a man to have an eye for something beautiful. However he doesn’t realize he loves the art of a sworn enemy and his true mate. I loved the concept behind their connection, plus the great banter Jack has with his enemy Isabelle Connelly. The bidding ware against him and Isabelle’s painting is just the beginning for them. Jack was easy to connect to and I totally would of fallen for him.

Isabelle was a bit harder for me to connect too. Her persona was a little too stubborn at times but I cant blame her. I felt terrible for her because he life has always been about the pack, since she is the alpha only daughter. Her father is sick and she wants to get the last of her paintings to show him, hoping that her father will understand her love for painting. As the future alpha she has a lot riding on her shoulders, but I didn’t like that her family would rather her mate from within her pack, pretty much choosing her true mate or choosing to lead her pack.

Overall I loved the romance, conflicts and family ties. I always love reading someone else’s take on werewolves and Miller does a great job in her world building and showing just how complicated it is to exist as a wolf. This was a quick but fun read for me, the writing had a great flow and I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to continue this series and will definitely be reading the first one now that I have read this one.

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Genres: Paranormal, Romance

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Synopsis: Melina Rosenthal worships at the altar of all things fashion. Her dream is to work for the crème de la crème fashion magazine, Eclipse, and she'll do much anything to get there. Even fixing up the image of a gorgeous, sexy public figure who's all playboy, all the time. Even if he's the guy who broke her heart a year ago...
Even if Hayden Dean is a werewolf.

Since his father's death, Hayden's the heir apparent to the San Francisco Wolf Pack—well, once he settles down. Hayden isn't interested in giving up his partying ways, except he's pretty sure he's found his fated mate, and the fact that she's a non-shifter is bad news. Now he must find a compromise between the traditions of his wolf world and his certainty that Melina is his...before fate (or another werewolf) bites them both in the butt.
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About Kristin Miller

Kristin Miller
New York Times and USA Today best-selling author Kristin Miller writes sweet and sassy contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal romance of all varieties. Kristin has degrees in psychology, English, and education, and taught high school and middle school English before crossing over to a career in writing. She lives in Northern California with her alpha male husband and their two children. She loves chocolate way more than she should and the gym less. You can usually find her in the corner of a coffee shop, laptop in front of her and mocha in hand, using the guests around her as fuel for her next book.

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  1. Beauty and the Werewolf sounds like an intriguing take on werewolves. The social dynamics of werewolves are some of the most potentially interesting because they introduce that canine psychology into human society and give people different motivations. Pack relations adds a whole new dimension to relationships, and I like the comparison to Romeo and Juliet! Nice review.