Apr 13, 2015

{Review} of Only Trick by Jewel E. Ann

Only Trick by Jewel E. Ann
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: New Adult
THEME: Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit


“Don’t Look Back in Anger”

In one night, I lost five years of my life. Here’s what I know …

I was homeless.

I’m a recovering drug addict.

My inked skin crawls from lustful eyes.

I have a serious aversion to women.

My gay partner is a home wrecker.

I own a gun and I’m a damn good shot.

I’m a makeup artist, but it’s an insult to my talent.

I’ve never wanted to possess anything except my Ducati … until I met Darby.

Now here’s what I know since that day in the ER when she pieced me back together … nothing—but a few random thoughts.

My new “friend” is distracting, clingy, and obsessed with acronyms, emojis, and phrases like “breakfast soul mates.”

I didn’t want to like her, but she crawled under my skin and swallowed me whole. Now we’re best friends and she’s my new addiction. I'd drink her from a shot glass, snort her up my nose, or inject her into my veins if I could. What I won’t do … is ever tell her that.

She doesn’t know me … I don’t know me. When those missing years come back, I think she will hate me … I think I will hate me.

My parents named me Patrick Roth, and this is my story.


I so wasn’t prepared for Only Trick, the characters just sucked me in, and the emotional rollercoaster that both leads went through in the past and future pulled at all my heartstrings. I’m a new fan of Jewel Ann, her creative writing brought two broken characters together, each learning what love can do to heal painful memories.

Only Trick follows Darby Carmichael, meets Patrick aka Trick who comes in for stiches one night on her shift. Darby was so affected by him that she lost her usual professional demeanor. After their first meeting, Darby and Trick meet again and again, a friendship builds and they become so synced in each other’s lives that they start to need each other. But even though Darby is attracted to Trick, their relationship cant become anything more because well… Trick is gay.

Darby is a sweet girl who grew up with a not so kind father, a US senator and his younger wife. She is supposed to make sure she doesn’t ruin her father’s perfect image. I adored Darby, she has this super sweet relationship with her Nana, the one parental figure, who is Darby’s number one support. The hardest part for Darby was that she was falling for Trick, their cute BFF relationship was hilarious and they were really there for each other in times of need. But with Trick being gay, Darby was struggling with her feelings, not wanting to ruin their relationship. Darby has to go through a lot of ups and down in her home life with her father and with Trick, who is having trouble with his past.

Patrick Roth is a man with a missing past. He is sure of a few things, he was an addict, lost his parents, and has sworn off women. He is a broken man who is trying to get his life together, and that’s to his friend Grady he’s become a well-known make-up artist for the rich and famous. But after meeting Darby and having someone around who just gets him, everything changes. I loved Tricks loud lifestyle but also didn’t know how much longer he was going to hold out on Darby. Their connection is undeniable, the sparks just keep getting hotter and hotter between them, I couldn’t wait for the fire to start. His character is the most developed in the end, he has one heck of a story because of his past and you’ll adore him, want to hug him and also hope he can find away to love again.

Overall I loved every little twist and turn, both leads have a lot of obstacles but have so much support for them to find happiness. Trick is a complicated character, he, I felt was the main focus since his life was so unknown. Darby is his touchstone and the one person who can bring out the real Trick. I cant wait for read more from Jewel Ann and highly recommend Only Trick for anyone looking for a steamy romance with an intensely captivating storyline.

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