Mar 3, 2015

{Review} of Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Urban Fantasy
THEME: Werewolves, Fae, Romance


For once, mated werewolves Charles and Anna are not traveling because of Charles’s role as his father’s enforcer. This time, their trip to Arizona is purely personal, as Charles plans to buy Anna a horse for her birthday. Or at least it starts out that way...

Charles and Anna soon discover that a dangerous Fae being is on the loose, replacing human children with simulacrums. The Fae’s cold war with humanity is about to heat up—and Charles and Anna are in the cross fire.


I love stepping into Patricia Briggs’ magical world of werewolves, vampires, fae and all paranormal creatures alike. When I was first introduced to Anna and Charles I loved how different this pair was to Adam and Mercy. Charles is far older, wiser and a lot more broken, as Anna is his strength in keeping him collected as well as she is still learning about her unique ability. They have grown so much together since Charles found Anna, their bond and ability to adapt to dangerous situations makes them an unstoppable duo.

Dead Heat follows Charles and Anna to Arizona, where Charles wants to introduce his wife to an old friend whose old age is taking its toll, as well as pick out a horse for her birthday. While they are visiting Charles’ friend’s family, a Fae who has injured and targeted children threatens them. Charles will do anything to help his friend and stop the Fae who seem to be taking things into their own hands.

Anna as always is a calm collected and strong woman, she is always supportive of her mate but is a powerful omega in her own right. I’ve enjoyed seeing her grow stronger from the terrible situation she was in from her old pact. I love how Charles cherishes her, Brother Wolf too listens and is always ready to protect Anna. It was nice to see her learn more about her mate, he has lived lifetimes compared to her, met so many people and lost just as many. Meeting Charles’ friend Joseph and his family shows her another side of him, his love for horses and people who helped him grow.

Charles has always been a bit of a mystery to me, his magic, Brother Wolf and closed of demeanor has always intrigued me to know more about him. I loved seeing a different and more cheerful side to him; even though his friend only had a few more days left they shared such great memories while he was there. The readers will be thrilled to get some flashback stories and seeing Charles use his magic.

Overall I loved the continued development behind the fae danger. Since the fae went into “hiding” after everything that happened its been tense. I know something is building up and Charles and Anna know that the threat that they took on in Arizona is only the beginning. It was great to see the growth of Anna and Charles bond and it was sweet of Charles to show her a bit of his past and enjoy their love for horses together. I cant wait to see what they will have to overcome next.

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