Jan 8, 2015

{TOP 5 REASONS} Exit Strategy by Kelley Armstrong

 Is a feature where I pick a title and give you five reason why you should read this book. Hopefully it will be something to help with recommendations.

I'm sure your thinking...Kelly Armstrong wrote a contemporary crime thriller?? What!? Yep she totally did and it seriously rocked my world. I discovered this years ago while I worked at borders and it was a long wait for each book that came out. And there were only three!

But it was so worth the wait. Exit Strategy is book one and introduces the hit woman Nadia. She's a major bad a--, who you wouldn't think is threatening until she put a gun to your head. But in this series there is a ton of conspiracy, romance, betrayal and some really great character developments. I love, love this series. Now here are 5 reason way.

1: The Characters! 

Kelley Armstrong is known for her character, normally in the paranormal realm, but it's the same for this series. Nadia is a fantastically strong female like Elena in her Women of the Otherworld series. She puts herself in danger to track down killers, and one who took the life of her cousin years ago. Most of the time Nadia is on her own and living a double life in a way, but she also has her mentor to keep her grounded.

2: Romance...Sizzling Hot!

Okay so the romance is hot, but its not a major focus until later on. I adored her two love interest Quinn and her mentor Jack. Both guys know different sides of Nadia. Nadia needs both of them in a way but the one who gets her the most is my favorite Jack. He's older, smarter and freaking hot!

3: Danger Danger Will Robinson!

If you have ever seen the show Alias or any other spy show that deals with assassin, killers, etc. Be prepared this is a dangerous world that Nadia lives in and people do get hurt. Nadia maybe be a hit girl but she also a good person and does right when it comes to good people.

4: Plot

From Book one to book three there is an on going plot that revolves around what happened to Nadia and how she became a hit girl. The death of her cousin and the missing pieces of what happened to her and Nadia when they were teens. The resolve in the end is intense, I wont give it away but I cant believe how it all unfolds.

5: The Writing

Kelley Armstrong is a writer that never lets me down, I've loved everything she has written. But even though she's better known for her paranormal writing, I feel this series is much stronger and the plot is way more intricate.

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