Aug 25, 2014

{VOTE TODAY} for Karina Halle's Next Novel Destination!

Choose the adventure! 

Here's your chance to vote for the destination of 
Karina Halle's next novel!

Enter this simple poll, and choose one of these three amazing locations: Almalfi Coast, South of France, Prague.

Karina and her assistant will jet to the winning destination for a week-long, interactive adventure, where YOU can participate as they take part in all the fun tourist attractions you've chosen. The entire trip will be captured on video and with photos so you too can relish in this unforgettable experience. 

Cast your vote now!

1 comment:

  1. Such a difficult decision, but I LOVE that the author is getting readers involved like this. How fun! I think I'll have to go with Prague, because it's on my bucket list. I've already been to France, and I'm too lazy to Google where Almalfi Coast actually is. LOL Thanks for the chance!