Jul 9, 2014

{Review} of Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Contemporary Romance
THEME: Mystery, Mature

She's ready for the ride of her life . . .

Lauren Grahame is looking to reinvent herself. After leaving her cheating husband, Lauren moves to Carnal, Colorado, and gets a job as a waitress in a biker bar called Bubba's. It's a nothing job in a nowhere joint . . . until Tatum Jackson walks in. Lauren has never seen a man with such good looks, muscles, and attitude. But when he insults her, Lauren doesn't want anything to do with him. Too bad for Lauren he's also the bar's part owner and bartender.

When the rough-around-the-edges Tate meets the high-class Lauren, he thinks she won't fit in at Bubba's. Yet there's more to Lauren than meets the eye, and Tate soon sets his mind on claiming her as his own. Before long, the desire burning between them is heating up the cold mountain air. But when violence strikes the town, Tate must reveal a dark secret to Lauren-one that may put an end to their sweet dreams.M

Bah!! I’m so hooked on anything written by Kristen Ashley right now it’s not even funny! Ashley has a knack for writing an intense mystery storyline revolving around one couple and showing the ups and downs they go through. The mystery is just as intense as in the first book but its located in another part of Colorado called Carnal, a biker town. With my husband being a biker man himself I was totally down to read this one.

Sweet Dreams follows Lauren Grahame who has been dealt a hard blow with her husband cheating and leaving her for her friend. She decided it was time for a fresh start and got the hell out of dodge and into a small town called Carnal. Lauren charms and sweet attitude get her a job as a waitress at Bubbas a local biker bar, where she meets and deals with a not so nice boss. Tate Jackson is a downright jerk when he first meets Lauren, not understanding she isn’t like the other girls who coming rolling into town. They soon begin to understand each other and even more so when one of the waitresses is murdered. Tate wants Lauren safe as well as his town, as a bounty hunter he’ll stop at nothing to keep what’s his safe, and that includes her.

Lauren is a sweet and social woman who has lived her life with a man who just didn’t get her. Her new life in Carnal is a welcome to her, making friends easily with the owners of the hotel she’s staying at and the local hippies that own a coffee shop. Going from her prim and proper suburban life to a biker town is a learning experience for her, but in Carnal it feels more of a home than anything did in the past. I really liked how Lauren didn’t care if she didn’t fit in, she wanted to earn her place and discover the side of herself she was missing. She really earns the love and trust of the locals too, plus having Tate watching her back makes her feel safer. The dynamic between Tate and Lauren is intense, they’re always bickering, misunderstanding, and protecting each other but show so much passion through all of it. Their connection is deep and Lauren accepts his abrupt and alpha persona, even when he acts like a jerk they figure it out.

Tate is a man with an interesting past, a former pro football player, cop and now bounty hunter he has and more down than ups. He deals with a terrible ex who holds his son has a bargaining chip, which makes him hate her even more. Lauren is a diamond in the rough; he can’t understand how he got lucky that she took a chance with him and his son. But his past severely affects them moving forward and the dangers of the murder in their town makes him worry about her even more. Tate was a whole lot different than Max in the first book, still an alpha male in charge but majorly rough around the edges. However his softer side for his son and Lauren is sweet to the core.

Overall I really got hooked into this one like the last; once again Ashley created another story full of colorful characters and creepy murder mystery. This is another long book too running over five hundred pages, which actually goes by fast because every chapter had asking questions. I don’t know how Ashley does it but her strong character writing is what keeps me coming back, I haven’t read too many author like her and she is one I highly recommend reading.

This is an adult novel meant for mature readers over the age of 18, for its sexual content and adult language. Fans of Jennifer Armentrout author of Be With Me and Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren, will love Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley.

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