Mar 17, 2014

{Tour: Review + Playlist + Giveaway} Escape In You by Rachel Schurig

Escape In You by Rachel Schurig
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: New Adult
THEME: Contemporary Romance
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This new adult contemporary romance contains mature themes and is recommended for ages 18+

This is a complete story with no cliffhanger!

Jet Taylor is the quintessential bad boy. A womanizer. A fighter. Dangerous. The type of guy most girls do their best to avoid. But Zoe Janes is no saint herself. In fact, she sees in Jet the perfect opportunity to distract herself from her responsibilities at home and the mistakes that keep her trapped there. He’s gorgeous, likes to party, and is clearly only interested in having fun—just like Zoe.

The more time they spend together, the harder it is for Zoe to stick to her “fun only” mantra. Jet is getting under her skin, making her believe things could actually be different. She knows they’re both trapped by the sins of their past but Jet is starting to make her think freedom might actually be possible.

And that makes him the most dangerous boy of all.


An emotionally intense story of two broken people that find each other and seem to be the only piece of happiness they have. Schurig creates a compelling and hear retching story, the readers will root for each character to open up and escape the hell they have been living.

Escape In You follows Zoe, who lives day to day not knowing what mood her mothers going to be in and if her stepfather will ever talk to her sober. She escapes that life going to parties with her friends and drinking, but her life takes an interesting turn after meeting Jet Taylor. Jet can’t seems to get Zoe out of his mind when he meets her, when he finally start to break down the walls she has up they connect. Together they have similar problems with their mothers, having to live in hell and look for freedom through a bottle. But what they don’t realize is that they may be each other’s only escape into happiness.

Zoe is a bit of a mess when the readers meet her, it’s very obvious that she wants to be anywhere but home. Luckily she has her best friends Ellie and Hunter, who protect her and know about what she is dealing with at home. But when she meets Jet she finally feels like she has met someone equal to her and that just gets her. Zoe is a complex character, pushing people away that care for her and not knowing that it would be better to let people in. The readers will also see how an old friendship was damaged because of her home life. It was interesting to see how Zoe handled her life, I felt at times she was selfish by not seeing that she isn’t the only one suffering. But in the end I can’t imagine going through the pain she had to endure. I’m glad that she had friends who were there for her and Jet who would fight for her.

Jet is in the same boat as Zoe when it comes to his mother. His mother constantly blames him for his brother’s death, even though it was out of his hands. I felt so bad for him because it was clear that he loved her and it hurt him every moment she blamed him. He’s definitely a memorable character for his smart talking persona and how much he begins to connect with Zoe. He and Zoe have some amazing chemistry and they seem to just get lost in each other. Overall I felt his character was the strength of this book because his suffering hits a sad note that gave him a big wake up call, in the end showing his next step in the right direction.

Overall this was a great story. The topics that the author touches on are sensitive to some but overall it sends a message about alcohol and drugs. Schurig did a great job digging deep into two characters that really were at rock bottom, it goes to show there is always a way out from tough situations like what they experienced. The secondary characters were humorous and brought some much needed laugher in this dark tone of a story. Lastly the romance was smoking hot and these two couldn’t get enough of each other. In the end I look forward to more stories from Schurig.


This is a new adult novel that is suited for mature readers due to sexual content and discussions on drugs and alcohol. Fans of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young will enjoy Escape In You by Rachel Schurig.

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Rachel Schurig lives in the metro Detroit area with her dog, Lucy. She loves to watch reality TV and she reads as many books as she can get her hands on. In her spare time, Rachel decorates cakes. Her THREE GIRLS series is available now from Amazon!

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Escape in You playlist
1. Shelter-Birdy
2. Gray or Blue-Jaymay
3. Hazy-Rosi Golan
4. Till Kingdom Come-Coldplay
5. What If You-Joshua Radin
6. Say Something- A Great Big World
7. A Lack of Color-Death Cab for Cutie
8. Head Full of Doubt/ Road Full of Promise-Avett Brothers
9. Welcome Home-Radical Face
10. Today- Joshua Radin

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  1. I love hoe meaningful this story sounds and very emotional too! Thanks for being on the tour, Kristen! :)