Sep 5, 2013

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Silver Moon: The Complete Saga by Rebecca A. Rogers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Paranormal Romance
THEME: Young Adult, Witches, and Werewolves
AUTHORS BLOG: Rebecca Rogers' Site

Join Alaric, Ulric, and Daciana in ALPHA MOON as they discover there’s more to life in the 1500s than plowing fields and attending balls. A powerful witch, who practices black magic, won’t hesitate to place a curse upon them—one that will have them howling at the silvery moon.

In SILVER MOON, Candra Lowell is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in present-day Connecticut. She thinks it’s because she’s a troublemaker, but Candra’s parents only shipped her off for one reason: to learn how to become a werewolf. She’ll learn there’s more to the story, though, when a rival pack has their hearts set on making her visit a living hell.

The past and the present merge into one in BLACK MOON as Candra falls even harder for her star-crossed lover, Benjamin Conway, who also happens to be her enemy, and wrestles with the fact that she has awakened an ancient soul inside her body. Can she stretch her newfound claws in peace, or will she wish she had never become a werewolf?

In the final installment of the saga, BLOOD MOON, Candra and Ben travel back to the sixteenth century, where they’ll embark on their toughest journey yet—stopping Alaric and breaking the curse which started it all. But if ending the werewolf curse, and the powers that come with it, means Candra and Ben will be stuck in the sixteenth century, can they live with the fact that they’ll never return home and see their families again?


I’m usually not one to read and review a complete saga as a whole but I had a blast reading this action packed supernatural series. Silver Moon follows two star-crossed lovers from beginning to end, trying to find away to fight the curse that was created so long ago. I really enjoyed how Rogers brought the readers into this series by introducing the original werewolves and where it all started before introducing the two main protagonist.

Silver Moon Saga follows Candra Lowell who is sent to live with her aunt and uncle far from home. She thinks it’s punishment for getting in trouble too much but it’s actually because of a long time family secret. She discovers her family is tied to a werewolf curse and that the town she lives in is full of them. But not only that her family is at war with a rival pack, to which she builds a connection with Benjamin. Ben is the only one who doesn’t treats Candra harshly and together they try and find a way to break their curse and stop an evil that started back in the 1500s.

Candra is a character that has ups and downs, a lot happens to her all at once and she has to grow up quickly. She like most people I feel would do is be curious, she wants answers and will get herself in some sticky situations to get them. I enjoyed the journey she goes through and how in the end she has to make some pretty tough decisions along with Ben. I really enjoyed the bond she has with Ben, together they want the same thing and can’t seem to stay away from each other no matter what danger it causes for them and their families.

Ben has lived a life knowing what he is unlike Candra and at the beginning has a hard time staying away from her. I liked how he picked her up from school and that they would sneak around, it showed that they were destined right from the start. His family is one crazy bunch and of course his biggest obstacle. It was a bit hard for me to connect to him until about half way through the Black Moon, and then he grew on me. But even more so in Blood Moon where he won me over.

Overall this was a great series with a lot of story telling. I feel its necessary for the readers to read the first story for Alpha Moon since Candra and Ben do go back and have to discover what happened during that book in the 1500s. I liked how I was taking back and remembering what happened and the suspense started all over again hoping the best for the leads. My only issue was with Candra’s family I felt that as much as they wanted to protect her is actually cause more unnecessary problems. The villain is in all the books, his presence adds to the suspense and I really had no idea how the duo were going to stop him. Also the last book had some sexual content that I felt wasn’t needed, I like the steamy moments but some of the stuff felt out of place from the other books.

In the end, I liked how everything wrapped up and it was such a great adventure to follow two people who were so right for each other. I was actually shocked with the ending and felt it was such a great twist, even better than the ending of Black Moon, which was great! I look forward to more books from Rogers and was glad to step into this unique werewolf tale. If you’re looking for a story full of magic, romance, betrayal, secrets and curses then this saga is a must!


This is an young adult novel with minor sexual content in the final book. Fans of Chloe Neills Chicagoland Vampire series and The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater will enjoy the Silver Moon Saga

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  1. Give me a story with witches & I'm sold.

  2. I love paranormal romances, and this one sounds very good :)