Mar 19, 2013

{Review} of Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GENRE: Urban Fantasy
THEME: Werewolves, Romance, Vampires
AUTHORS BLOG: Patricia Briggs' Site

Mercy Thompson returns in the seventh novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Mercy Thompson’s life has undergone a seismic change. Becoming the mate of Adam Hauptman—the charismatic Alpha of the local werewolf pack—has made her a stepmother to his daughter Jesse, a relationship that brings moments of blissful normalcy to Mercy’s life. But on the edges of humanity, what passes for a minor mishap on an ordinary day can turn into so much more…

After an accident in bumper-to-bumper traffic, Mercy and Jesse can’t reach Adam—or anyone else in the pack for that matter. They’ve all been abducted.

Through their mating bond, all Mercy knows is that Adam is angry and in pain. With the werewolves fighting a political battle to gain acceptance from the public, Mercy fears Adam’s disappearance may be related—and that he and the pack are in serious danger. Outclassed and on her own, Mercy may be forced to seek assistance from any ally she can get, no matter how unlikely.

This is a series that never gets old. Each book gets better and better, while the characters have become like family to me with how easy they are to connect to. Patricia Briggs is an author that knows her characters deep down and created a world of danger, romance, friendship and magic that keeps them busy.

Frost Burned follows the always-entertaining Mercy Thompson who is spending some time with her stepdaughter Jesse during Black Friday. But after a random car accident Mercy notices that she can’t get ahold of her Mate (Husband) Adam and their pack. She discovers they have all been kidnapped with the exception of Ben who came to warn Mercy before it was too late. With werewolves being out to the public now, the dangers are high and Mercy will put herself in the middle of danger to find and Adam and their pack.

Mercy is a character that always stays true to herself; she is very strong hearted and has found her place with the pack. Her connection to Adam develops even more in this chapter; she learns that she can do things through her connection that shouldn’t be possible. I have always been a fan of Mercy and Adam, the readers will love to see how much they have grown and continue to do so. As always Mercy puts herself in danger but for all the right reason, getting involved with some vampire politics and fae magic.

Adam gets many chapters from his point of view; I love his character and really enjoyed seeing and understand his side of the story. He’s a good man who is truly devoted to his pack and Mercy; he is the type to risk his life to protect them all. I loved seeing him take control of the situation he’s in and get a lot more aggressive and gets his hand dirty.

World building is a major part of Frost Burned. With werewolves being out to the public a lot of politics and conspiracy are starting to come out. The readers also get some more insight on the Vampire politics and a little bit about what’s happening since the fae went into hiding in their own territory.

Overall this was definitely the best of the series, there is still a lot of character developing, emotional high notes and Mercy taking on the task of protecting the people she loves. I can’t wait for Night Broken, which should come out in 2014 of March. I hope we get some more Adam POV and digging in deeper with what the fae are going to do. All in all this is a must read series with fantastic characters, mystery, supernatural goodness, romance and writing that will keep you hooked through the authors creativity thought out plot.

This is Urban Fantasy novel and the seventh in the series, I recommend reading this series from the beginning. Fans of Jennifer Esteps’ Elemental Assassins series and Chloe Neills’ Chicagoland Vampire series will love Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs.

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