Feb 5, 2013

{Review} of Under the Gun by Hannah Jayne

Under the Gun by Hannah Jayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Urban Fantasy
THEME: Werewolf/Romance/Angel
AUTHORS BLOG: Hannah Jaynes' Site

When you’re near the top of the Underworld Detection Agency, the claws really come out…

Quick thinking and loyalty have taken human Sophie Lawson a long way in the UDA—along with a healthy dose of magic immunity. But when her old boss Pete Sampson asks for help after a mysterious two-year disappearance, she’s determined to find out what high-placed demon has put two ruthless werewolf killers on his tail. Of course, sucking up to her icy vampire department head and negotiating a treacherous inter-office demon battle are the kind of workplace politics that could easily get a “breather” way worse than reprimanded. And sexy fallen angel Alex is doing whatever it takes to heat up Sophie’s professional cool and raise feelings she’s done her best to bury. Too bad their investigation is about to uncover the Agency’s darkest secrets…and powerful entities happy to sign one inquisitive human’s pink slip in blood…

Once again I’m sucked into the exciting world of vampires, angels, werewolves and a “human” trying to survive a “normal” life. Hannah Jayne has out done herself in the fourth book of the UDA series, the readers will not only get their fill in romance, humor and action but see Sophie starting to hold her own more and more with out any special powers.

Under the Gun follows Sophie Lawson the only human that works at the Underworld Detection Agency. She has a surprise at her door in the shape of her supposedly dead former boss, who is very much alive. He needs Sophie’s help, with hunters after him as well as him hiding something from her; she’s determined to find out what is going on. But then strange deaths start to point towards him, bringing the fallen Angel Alex and Sophie to investigate and keep her boss safe and herself alive.

Sophie is absolutely fantastic in Under the Gun, she really holds her own among all the dangers that head her way. I feel like being surrounded by so many supernatural that it’s hard to stand out, but she does it and most of the time hilariously. Sophie is definitely the humor of this series and she gets in some sticky situations. But most of all she gets tongue-tied around the good-looking men in her life, which there is many. My only hope for the upcoming book is that we get to find out more about Sophie being the vessel of souls, it didn’t get mentioned much and I couldn’t wait to find out more. Plus I’m hoping to meet her dad sometime soon, since well he’s Satan and all.

Sampson’s back!! That’s pretty much what I said over and over again when I read the blurb in book 3. I adored him in the first book and was doing the happy dance in having him back and getting the hilarious crazy moments with Sophie. I like that even though he’s a hot werewolf, that he and Sophie have a great friendship instead of being another romantic interest. We get some backstory on him and of course find out where in the world he went and why.

The boys! I love Will and Alex, especially Will and Alex in a scene together glaring at each other while Sophie gets stuck in the middle. Sadly we only get a bit of Will, but there was so much going on that it was nice to get more into the mystery of the plot. Alex on the other hand is very involved in the random murders that are happening and Sophie tags along hoping to help out her friend while trying to keep a secret. Alex and Sophie have lots of great scenes together and of course chemistry that just sizzles, guess I'll have to wait and see when Will gets back what happens next.

Nina just makes me smile, Nina gets stuck inside while the sun is blaring and turns into a home shopping network addict, adding to the humor. Even though Sophie and Nina are pretty opposite, not only with one being dead and the other alive, but also in the end they are the greatest together as best friends that are there for each other.

Overall this was my favorite book in the series and really brought to life all my favorite characters, but also had a mystery that had me guessing and trying to solve along with Sophie. If you’re looking for a female lead that you can relate too, romantic tension, humor to the max, and lots of mystery then Under the Gun is a perfect fit. I look forward to the next adventure with Sophie and the gang in Under a Spell coming out this August.

This is an adult novel with humor, action and all the right stuff that everyone wants in the Urban Fantasy genre. Fans of authors Ann Aguirre and Jennifer Estep will be captivated by Hannah Jayne’s novel Under the Gun.

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  1. Your enthusiasm for this book brings the characters to life. You obviously delight in this author and as this isn't the first book in the series it must be good to pull you back in time after time.
    A great review that makes me more interested in reading it than would normally be the case.